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ICICI Bank Probationary Officer Selection Process and Fees of the Programme

Probationary Officer Recruitment is an initiative by ICICI Bank to attract bright graduate students to pursue a career in banking. It is designed to develop specialists with banking knowledge and skills to partially fulfill the need for trained bankers.
Those selected will undergo a one year intensive residential classroom training and internship. During the training, a stipend will be given to Probationary Officers to meet out of pocket expenses. On successful completion of the training they will be absorbed as Assistant Manager (Band One).

Selection Process:

At ICICI Bank, the selection process aims at getting applicants who are likely to succeed at various roles in the Bank. The Endeavour is to select people who have a high service orientation, are passionate about their career goals, and who display integrity and ethics in all engagements.

Depending on the level of recruitment, the selection process consists of following combinations:

  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview

Aptitude Test :-> Designed for entry level jobs in the Bank, the aptitude test aims to assess basic aptitude of applicants including Numerical, Verbal comprehension, logical reasoning and basic checking abilities.

Instruction About Aptitude Test

  • Since the tests are based on numeric and verbal ability, it is advisable that applicants practice basic mathematics and verbal comprehension skills.
  • Before the actual test, you will be given practice examples to try - make sure you ask questions if anything is unclear at this stage.
  • Group Discussion:-> Based on case studies, the group discussions are mainly conducted to judge applicants on their analytical thinking, approach to hypothetical business situations and the ability to break down complex problems to arrive at simple solutions.

    Personal Interview:-> All applicants are expected to go through the interview round, which is the final step in the selection process.

    Instruction About Interview

  • Punctuality is important, never be late on the big day. Try to reach 30 min before the actual schedule. This reflects your seriousness for your application.
  • Assemble all necessary papers like resume, mark-sheets etc, one day prior to the interview.
  • You must prepare yourself practically for the interview and gather information that may be useful in the interview.
  • Brushing up on your academics, past work experience is certainly helpful.
  • Professional dressing always helps create a good impression.
  • During interview always be enthusiastic. Focus on your positive achievements and views.
  • Maintain eye contact with everyone on the panel and not just the panelist who asked the question
  • Fees of the Programme

    The PO training is a Cashless Bridge to managerial jobs for aspiring students. To pursue the PO Training, the interested students will have to invest Rs. 2.75 Lacs which would be provided by ICICI Bank as a subsidized loan of 2.5%. After completion of the Training, the POs will be absorbed as Assistant Managers in the Bank. The EMI for the loan would start once the POs have joined the bank. There would be no recovery of EMI or interest during the training period, the interest accrued during this period would be recovered along with the normal EMI. The EMI are spread over a period of 60 months to ensure that there is minimal impact in the monthly earnings of the PO. On successful completion of 60 months of service, the bank will give incentive of Rs. 2.75 Lacs to the Probationary Officer. However, if the applicant Leaves during training / Leaves within five years of joining ICICI Bank after training, ICICI Bank would recover the interest at market rate on the entire loaned amount for the period that the amount was loaned to the PO, plus the outstanding loan.

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