About Us

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"Dedicated to all aspirants in India specially to those who are from
rural areas; you keep us motivated to do something extra, all the time..."
- founder, bankpoclerk.com

About Us

BANKPOCLERK.COM is the Leading and one of the most trusted Online Community for Bank Exam Aspirants in India. as of Aug 2014, Our community comprises of more than 1.5 Lakh members all over India and Abroad .

Our Core Focus Areas are:

  • Provide upto date information to all Bank Aspirants in Single place.
  • Special Focus to rural and unconnected areas where Exam Preparation is almost impossible.
  • Free 24x7 access to study materials related to all Exams.
  • Provide affordable books and study materials to areas where internet penetration is low.
  • Helping new Aspirants understand the Exam process quickly.
  • Promote Open culture to share information across the platforms.

BANKPOCLERK.COM is the Leading Bank, IBPS Preparation website in India.

  • 150,000+ Community Members across India.
  • 10,000+ Fans in Facebook Community.
  • One of Top 9,000 websites in India (Alexa Rank JULY 2014)
  • 200,000+ unique visitors per month
  • 1.1+ million page views per month
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Disclaimer: bankpoclerk.com is not at associated with any Bank or IBPS, For official website of IBPS visit - www.ibps.in