(Download) SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam Sample Paper - Numerical Ability


Sample Paper: SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam (Numerical Ability)

1. Sum of smallest six digit no. and greatest five digit no. is:
a. 199999
b. 201110
c. 211110
d. 1099999
e. None of these

2. Value of 112 * 54. is :
a. 6700
b. 70000
c. 76500
d. 77200
e. None of these

3. 1399*1399
a. 1687401
b. 1901541
c. 1943211
d. 1957201
e. None of these

4. When a no. is multiplied by 13 product consist of all 5's. The smallest such no. is
a. 41625
b. 42135
c. 42515
d. 42735
e. None of these

5. If n is -ve no. then which of the following is least.
a. 0
b. n
c. 2n
d. n2
e. None of these

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