(Download) SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam Solved Paper - 2008


Solved Paper: SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam 2008

1. The newly constituted National Knowledge Commission is headed by
(a) C. Rangarajan
(b) Prof. R. S. Sharma
(c) Sam Pitroda
(d) Ms. Girija Vyas
Ans : c

2. India enacted an important event of Indian National Movement celebrating the seventyfifth anniversary. Which was it?
(a) Quit India Movement
(b) Delhi Chalo Movement
(c) Civil Disobedience Movement
(d) Non – Cooperation Movement
Ans :c

3. Pope Benedict XVI belongs to which country?
(a) Italy
(b) Germany
(c) France
(d) Poland
Ans : b

4. The media campaign “ The World Is Waiting” is related to which of the following companies?
(a) Lufthansa
(b) Qatar Airways
(c) Indian Airlines
(d) British Airways
Ans : d

5. Who among the following has been elected as President of the International Council of Science Union?
(a) E. Sreedharan
(b) N. Ram
(c) M. G. K. Menon
(d) Goverdhan Mehta
Ans : d

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