(Study Materials) Mental Ability/Reasoning (Verbal) : Blood Relation

(Study Materials) Mental Ability/Reasoning (Verbal) : Blood Relation

What is Blood Relations ?

Blood relation logical problems mainly deal with the hierarchical structure of a family i.e., grand-parents, parents and children etc. Different relationships between the family members of different generations will be given. To solve the questions related to blood relations, the entire family tree has to be drawn by putting the various relationships.

In such problems, the aptitude of candidate is shown by the knowledge of the various blood relations. The typical relationships that are commonly used in blood relation problems are summarized as follows

  • Father’s or Mother’s son = Brother
  • Father’s or Mother’s daughter = Sister
  • Father’s or Mother’s brother = Uncle
  • Father’s or Mother’s sister = Aunt
  • Father’s or Mother’s father = Grandfather
  • Father’s or Mother’s mother = Grandmother
  • Brother’s or Sister’s Son = Nephew
  • Brother’s or Sister’s Daughter = Niece
  • Uncle’s or Aunt’s son or daughter = Cousin
  • Sister’s Husband = Brother-in-law
  • Brother’s wife = Sister-in-law
  • Son’s wife = Daughter-in-law
  • Daughter’s Husband = Son-in-law
  • Husband’s or wife’s sister = Sister-in-law
  • Husband’s or wife’s Brother = Brother-in-law

To develop a blood relation tree, some standard symbols are used in this chapter to indicate the relationships among the family members. It is not compulsory to follow them, You can design your own symbols to draw the family tree quickly and accurately.

Example 4: Pointing to a man. On the stage “Rita said” He is the brother of daughter of the wife of my husband’. How is the man of stage related to Rita?

(a) Son
(b) Husband
(c) Cousin
(d) Nephew

Solution: (a)


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