(Sample Papers) LIC Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) Exam Test - 3

(Sample Papers) LIC Assistant Administrative Officer (AAO) Exam Test - 3

:: Reasoning ::

Directions (Q. 1-6): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

There are eight persons J, K, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting around the circle but not necessarily in the same order. Four of them are facing away from the centre. They have different type of currencies viz; Pound, Dollar, Rupee, Yen, Yuan, Rouble Peso and Rial but not necessarily in the same order. T is exactly between K and U. K does not have Yen or Rial. No two consecutive persons are facing in the same direction. The person who uses currency Rial third to the right of R, whose neighbours are facing away from the centre. The one who uses Rouble is immediate left of one who uses Dollar. S is exactly between J and the one who uses Rial. V is second to the right of T. One who uses Yuan is immediate right of R. The one who
uses Rupee is facing away from the centre but not the immediate neighbour of R. J does not use Rupee. W is immediate right of V but not the immediate neighbour of one who uses Rupee. V does not have Dollar as a currency. The one who uses Peso is between the one who uses Rupee and one who uses Rouble.

1. Who among the following uses the currency Pound?

1) V
2) T
3) S
4) W
5) Either 2) or 3)

2. Who is second to the right of one who uses Peso?

1) J
2) W
3) R
4) T
5) S

3. Who is exactly in the middle between J and W?

1) R
2) One who has Dollar
3) One who uses Peso
4) Both 1) and 2)
5) K

4. How many persons are there between K and J?

1) One
2) Two
3) None
4) Three
5) Other than given options

5. Four of the following five are alike in some way. Find out the odd one.

1) W
2) T
3) V
4) R
5) S

6. Which of the following match correctly?

1) S- Yuan
2) W- Peso
3) V- Rial
4) K- Pound
5) R- Dollar

Directions (Q. 7-11): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

There are seven persons P, Q, R, S, T, V and W who work in different fields viz; Journalism, Literature, Music, Sport, Agriculture, Film and Peace, but not necessarily in the same order. Each got different prize for a different field, viz, Booker, Pulitzer, Grammy, Kabir Samman, Arjuna Award, Bourlog Award and Oscar but not necessarily in the same order. R is related to Journalism but got neither Booker nor Arjuna Award. S got Bourlog award and is related to literature. V and T are not related to Music and neither of them got Arjuna Award. Q is related to Sport and got Grammy Award. The one who is related to film got Oscar Award. W is related to peace and got Kabir Samman. T is not related to Agriculture.

7. T is related to which of the following field?

1) Agriculture
2) Film
3) Music
4) Sport
5) Peace

8. Which one of the following prize got by R?

1) Pulitzer
2) Oscar
3) Booker
4) Kabir Samman
5) Grammy

9. Which of the following statements is/are true?

1) S is related to Film
2) T got Pulitzer prize
3) V got Booker prize
4) W is related to Music
5) All are true

10. Who among the following got Arjuna Award?

1) T
2) V
3) P
4) R
5) S

11. Which of the following combination is true?

1) W- Peace- Kabir
2) V- Sport- Pulitzer
3) T- Music- Oscar
4) Q- Peace- Booker
5) Other than given options

Directions (Q. 12–16): In each question given below three statements are followed by two conclusions numbered I and II. You have to take all the given statements to be true even if they seem to be at variance from the commonly known facts. Read all the conclusions and then decide which of the given conclusion logically follows from all the given statements disregarding commonly known facts. Give answer:

1) If only conclusion I follows.
2) If only conclusion II follows.
3) If either conclusion I or II follows.
4) If neither conclusion I nor II follows.
5) If both conclusion I and II follow.

12. Statements:

All glasses are cups. No cup is spoon. All utensil are spoon.


I. No glass is utensil.
II. Some glasses being spoon is a possibility.

(13–14): Statements:

No mobile is magnet. Every magnet is money. At least some money is mike.

13. Conclusions:

I. All magnet can never be mobile.
II. Some magnet being mike is a possibility.

14. Conclusions:

I. Some mike are not mobile is a possibility.
II. No money is mobile.

(15–16): Statements:

No packet is purse. All property is poster. All packet is property.

15. Conclusions:

I. All poster being packet is a possibility.
II. Some property is purse.

16. Conclusions:

I. Some property are not packet.
II. Some packet is poster.

Directions (Q. 17-21): Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

In a certain code language 'India exports raw material' is written as 'ln jt lp nk', 'raw material is cheaper' is written as 'pic lp rj ln', 'export of India is increasing' is written as 'jt no rj pk st', 'how material is increasing' is written as 'ht ln st rj'.

17. What is the code for 'export'?

1) nk
2) no
3) pt
4) Either 2) or 3)
5) st

18. What is the code for 'export of India' in a given code language?

1) no pt rj
2) no pt jt
3) pt jt ln
4) jn pt no
5) pt rj no

19. What does the code 'st' stands for?

1) increasing
2) exports
3) India
4) raw
5) material

20. If 'export in India' is written as 'pt pl jt' then what is the code for 'in school'?

1) pt rj
2) ln pl
3) lp pt
4) pic ln
5) pl ni

21. 'jt rj jk' is the code for which of the following?

1) India is great
2) India was ahead
3) how is India
4) is India growing
5) Either 1) or 4)

Directions (Q. 22-26): In these questions, a relationship between different elements is shown in the statements. The statements are followed by two conclusions. Give answer:

1) If only conclusion I is true.
2) If only conclusion II is true.
3) If either conclusion I or II is true.
4) If neither conclusion I nor II is true.
5) If both conclusion I and II are true.

Directions (Q. 27-28) Study the following information carefully and answer the questions given below.

A person goes from point A towards North and walked 5 m. He then turns towards right and walked 10 m, he again turned towards north and walked 6 m. He again turned towards his left and walked 10 m to reach at point T. Then he turned towards south and walked 4 m. He then turned towards right and walked 3 m and reached at point P and then he finally turned towards south and walked 2 m to reach at point B.

27. What is the distance between point P and point T?

1) 8 m
2) 6 m
3) 10 m
4) 5 m
5) 4 m

28. What is total distance covered by person to reach at point B, and B is in which direction with respect to A?

1) 35 m, North East
2) 40 m, North West
3) 40 m, North East
4) 4 m, North East
5) 10 m, South West

29. Statement: India's car sales crossed the two-million mark in last year.

Which of the following may be the reason of increasing in sales?

1) Lower fuel prices.
2) Launching of new modals.
3) Very low prices of cars comparing other country's cars price.
4) All of the above
5) Only 1) and 2)

30. Statement: India signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with Singapore.

Which of the following may be the effect of agreement?

1) This will increase the foreign reserve.
2) This will improve infrastructure of India.
3) Now FDI will increase.
4) Singapore will become the first country to invest in India.
5) Other than given options

:: Quantitative Aptitude ::

31. P, Q and R start a small business. P contributes two-fifth of the total capital invested in the business. Q contributes five-fourth of what P contributed. R contributes two-third of what Q contributed. The total profit at the end of the year was `14430. What was R's share in the profit?

1) ` 3800
2) ` 4300
3) ` 4100
4) ` 3700
5) ` 3900

32. A rectangular plot 110 m long and 90 m broad, has two concrete crossroads (of equal width) running in the middle of it. One parallel to the length and the other parallel to the breadth. The rest of the plot is used as lawn. If the area of lawn is 6624m2, what is the width of each of the cross roads?

1) 16.5 m
2) 18 m
3) 16 m
4) 20 m
5) 15 m

33. Rajat gave 38% of his money to Anubhav, Anubhav gave three-fourth of what he received to his mother. Anubhav's mother gave 5/6 th of the money she received to the grocer. Anubhav's mother is now left with ` 7410. How much money did Rajat have initially?

1) ` 156000
2) ` 146000
3) ` 165000
4) ` 166000
5) ` 158000

Directions (Q.34-38): What approximate value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following questions?

1) 16
2) 15
3) 19
4) 17
5) 18

1) 3398
2) 3158
3) 3198
4) 3558
5) 3378

36. 48.95% of 1399.98 + ? = 124.95% of 1239.95

1) 874
2) 924
3) 864
4) 868
5) 934

37. 14.95 × 18.01 × 12.45 × 14.01 = ?

1) 41250
2) 49450
3) 48350
4) 40750
5) 47250

38. 11.89 × 4.95 – 6.98 = ?

1) 62
2) 53
3) 42
4) 68
5) 59

Directions (Q. 39–43): What value should come in the place of question mark (?) in the following number series?

39. 18, 37, 56, 94, ?, 664

1) 208
2) 216
3) 209
4) 203
5) 214

40. 21, 108, 204, 318, ?, 636

1) 469
2) 449
3) 479
4) 459
5) 489

41. 4.5, ?, 41, 171, 864, 5195

1) 24
2) 14
3) 18
4) 12
5) 32

42. 297, ?, 349, 413, 513, 657

1) 302
2) 313
3) 315
4) 319
5) 330

43. 115, 136, ?, 157, 73, 178

1) 96
2) 92
3) 94
4) 97
5) 98

44. In a 240 litres of mixture of milk and water, water is only 25%. The milkman sold 40 litres of this mixture and then he added 32.4 litre of pure milk and 7.6 litres of pure water in the remaining mixture. What is the percentage of water in the final mixture?

1) 22%
2) 20%
3) 23%
4) 28%
5) 24%

45. Anant can do10% of a piece of work in12 days. 25% of the same work can be done by Neha in 28 days. Rahul can do onethird of the same work in 32 days. Rishi can do two-fifth of the work in 24 days. Who is/are least efficient?

1) Rahul
2) Anant
3) Rishi
4) Neha
5) Cannot be determined

Directions (Q.46-50) : Study the following line graph carefully to answer the following questions given below.

46. What is the ratio of the number of years in which production of company B is below the average production in company B to that of production of company C is below the average production of company C?

1) Other than given options
2) 1 : 2
3) 2 : 3
4) 2 : 1
5) 1 : 1

47. The total production of company A in all the years is approximately what percent of the total production of company C in all the years?

1) Other than given options
2) 100.75%
3) 108%
4) 112.75%
5) 110%

48. The total production in the year 2015 of all the companies together is approximately what percent of the production of all the companies together in the year 2013?

1) 88.6%
2) 84.7%
3) 86.8%
4) 89.8%
5) Other than given options

49. In which of the year the total production taking all the companies together is second highest?

1) 2015
2) Other than given options
3) 2014
4) 2013
5) 2012

50. Which of the following shows the maximum percentage growth with respect to previous year?

1) Company A in 2012
2) Company C in 2012
3) Company A in 2014
4) Company B in 2012
5) Company B in 2013

Directions (Q.51-55) : Study the following pie chart carefully and answer the questions given below:

51. If the total number of professional in state S1 is 12000 which is 75% of that in state S2, then what is the ratio of teacher in state S2 to that in state S1?

1) 40 : 31
2) Other than given options
3) 40 : 37
4) 40 : 33
5) 41 : 33

52. If the number of Doctors in state S1 is 182 and the number of CA's in state S2 is 378, then what is the ratio of the number of professionals in state S1 to that in state S2?

1) 15 : 29
2) 13 : 19
3) 14 : 23
4) 13 : 21
5) Other than given options

53. If the total number of professionals in both the states is same, then the number of Engineers in state S1 is approximately what percent of the number of Lawyers in state S2?

1) 108%
2) 106%
3) 119%
4) Other than given options
5) 102%

54. If the total number of professional is state S2 is 18000 and the ratio of the number of professional in state S1 to that in state S2 is 5 : 6, then what is difference between the number of doctors in state S1 and that of in state S2?

1) 420
2) 408
3) 480
4) Other than given options
5) 460

55. If the number of C.A's in state S2 is 468, then what is the difference between the number of Lawyers and the number of Actors in that state?

1) 338
2) 383
3) Other than given options
4) 343
5) 348

Directions (Q. 56–60): Each of the questions given below consists of a question and two statements numbered I and II given below it. You have to decide whether the data provided in the statements are sufficient to answer the questions. Read both the statements and give answer:

1) If the data in statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question.
2) If the data in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question.
3) If the data either in statement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question.
4) If the data in both the statements I and II together are not sufficient to answer the question.
5) If the data in both the statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question.

56. What will be the average weight of the remaining class after one student is excluded?

I. Average weight of 30 students out of 48 students in the class is 20.5 kg and that of remaining student is 28.25 kg. A student having weight more than 42 kg is excluded.
II. Average weight of a class of 48 students is 24.5 kg. A child weighing 48 kg is excluded.

57. What is the difference between the digits of a two- digit number?

I. The sum of the digits of that number is 12.
II. One-fourth of that number is 15 less than half of 54.

58. How old is Reena now?

I. Three years ago, the average age of two friends Ansh and Bhumika was 19 years.
II. With Reena joining them, now the average of three friends becomes 24 years.

59. What is the cost price of a chair?

I. The profit made when the chair is sold for ` 527 is twice as much as when it is sold for ` 476.
II. The marked price of chair is ` 432. If a discount of 25% is given on the marked price, the profit gained is 8%.

60. What is the rate of interest percent per annum?

I. An amount doubles it self in five years at simple interest.
II. Simple interest of ` 2280 is obtained in two years on an amount of ` 5700.

:: General Awareness and Current Affairs ::

61. 'National Youth day' is observed on–

1) 12th July
2) 13th February
3) 12th August
4) 12th January
5) 13th January

62. _______, Chairperson of SBI, remains the most powerful women in the Indian business sector, according to Fortune India.

1) Chanda Kochhar
2) Shikha Sharma
3) Arundhati Bhattacharya
4) Vinita Gupta
5) Jayanti Sinha

63. The Reserve Bank of India has imposed `______ Penalty on Dhanlaxmi Bank for violation of Know your customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) Norms.

1) 1.5 crore
2) 2.5 crore
3) 2 crore
4) 1 crore
5) 1.75 crore

64. Which Indian state has recently imposed ban on sale of thermocol plates?

1) Bihar
2) Jharkhand
3) Punjab
4) Gujarat
5) Rajasthan

65. A portion of the surplus or profit paid to the stockholders of a corporation is known as–

1) Equity
2) Dividend
3) Debentures
4) Premium
5) Lapse Ratio

66. "Indpay Mobile App" is launched by–

1) ICICI Bank
2) Bank of India
3) SBI Bank
4) RBL Bank
5) Indian Bank

67. Where is the Headquarters of "European Union"?

1) Berlin, Germany
2) Paris, France
3) Brussels, Belgium
4) Rome, Italy
5) Vienna, Austria

68. Who has been appointed as the chairman of Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI)?

1) Raghuram Rajan
2) U.K Sinha
3) T.S. Vijayan
4) Ram Sewak Sharma
5) Hemant Sharma

69. The Book titled "APJ Abdul Kalam-One Man, Many Missions" is authored by–

1) Nalini Ramachandran
2) Arun Joshi
3) C. Rajagopalachari
4) Manoj Das
5) Nandini Sahu

70. In which year, Malhotra committee, headed by former finance secretary and RBI Governor R. N. Malhotra, was formed to evaluate the Indian insurance industry and recommend its future direction?

1) 1890
2) 1980
3) 1982
4) 1992
5) 1993

71. Where is the capital of "Laos"?

1) Tehran
2) Ankara
3) Vientiane
4) Muscat
5) Seoul

72. What does 'F' stand for in 'SARFAESI'?

1) Fund
2) Factors
3) Financial
4) Foreign
5) Fixed

73. Recently which Bank entered the country through the Wholly- Owned Subsidiary (WOS) route with wholesale banking operations in Mumbai?

1) Caribbean Development Bank
2) National Bank of Abu Dhabi
3) Islamic Development Bank
4) European Development Bank 5) Other than given options

74. What is the currency of 'Bangladesh'?

1) Riyal
2) Lev
3) Taka
4) Kuna
5) Rupee

75. What is the tagline of United India Insurance Company Limited?

1) Rest assured with us
2) With us, you are sure
3) Aapke Sachhe Advisor
4) India's Premier General Insurance
5) Yogakshemam Vahamyaham

76. Name the Marathi poet from Maharashtra, who died recently.

1) Dilip Chitre
2) Mangesh Keshav Padgaonkar
3) Eknath
4) Guru Thakur
5) Keshav Pandit

77. Recently BHEL commissioned _____ Power Project unit in Uttar Pradesh.

1) Narora Atomic
2) Sant Singaji
3) Mundra Thermal
4) Satpura Thermal
5) Prayagraj Super Thermal

78. Who amongst the following is the Indian badminton player who completed a hat-trick by winning the Macau open Grand Prix Gold?

1) P.V. Sindhu
2) Sourabh Verma
3) Parupalli Kashyap
4) Anand Pawar
5) Prannoy Kumar

79. Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Saansad Adarsh gram Yojana on ______.

1) 11 August 2014
2) 12 August 2014
3) 12 October 2014
4) 2 October 2014
5) 11 October 2014

80. Agents selling Insurance of a specific company are called –

1) Independent Agent
2) Dependent Agent
3) Captive Agent
4) T.P.A
5) Other than given options

81. Recently who is appointed as the Indian Ambassador to the United States?

1) Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
2) Abid Hussain
3) Nirupama Rao
4) Arun Kumar Singh
5) Naresh Chandra

82. Jitu Rai is related to which game?

1) Rugby
2) Shooting
3) Athletics
4) Badminton
5) Hockey

83. What is the theme of 'World Cancer Day' 2015?

1) Global Health Priority
2) "Debunk the Myths"
3) "Cancer- Did you know?"
4) "Together it is possible"
5) "Not Beyond us"

84. Recently India was re-elected by the General Assembly for a _____ year term on the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

1) 5
2) 3
3) 4
4) 6
5) 7

85. What is called a long term contract sold by an insurance company designed to provide payments to the holder at specified intervals, usually after retirement?

1) Validity
2) Annuity
3) Brokerage
4) Claim Value
5) Surrender Value

86. India-Sri Lanka joint military exercise MITRA SHAKTI 2015 was recently conducted in ______.

1) Lucknow, U.P
2) Pune, Maharashtra
3) Ahmedabad, Gujarat
4) Chennai, Tamil Nadu
5) Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

87. What is the rank of India in power generation from nuclear source in 2015?

1) 12th
2) 33rd
3) 22nd
4) 122nd
5) 121st

88. Where will the 'Olympic' 2016 be held?

1) Roraima, South America
2) Santa Catarina, Brazil
3) Pyeongchang, South Korea
4) Tokyo, Japan
5) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

89. Who is head of the Delhi government's Panel that suggested that the BCCI should suspend DDCA?

1) Chetan Sanghi
2) Anil Baijal
3) PDT Achary
4) Ashok Misra
5) Ashok Lahiri

90. Who is the winner of "New Zealand Grand Prix" 2015?

1) Lance Stroll
2) Charlie Eastwood
3) Brandon Maisano
4) Arjun Maini
5) Alfonso Celis

:: Computer Knowledge ::

91. To retrieve any text or other information created by one program and transfer it to another program is called–

1) Import
2) Export
3) Retrieve
4) Indexing
5) Download

92. A small application, that is, a program designed to perform a simple task, is called–

1) Archive
2) Applet
3) Sorting
4) Cache
5) Buffer

93. ______ is common text that appears at the bottom of every page in a document or report.

1) Header
2) Endnote
3) Footer
4) Both 2 and 3
5) Other than given options

94. What does 'R' stand for in 'RPM'?

1) Read
2) Random
3) Redundant
4) Revolutions
5) Rate

95. To record information on a disc such as a CD-R, a CD-RW, a DVD-R, or a DVD-RW is known as–

1) Patch
2) Bugging
3) Testing
4) Burning
5) Spamming

96. In Microsoft office basics, which shortcut key is used to switch to the next window?

1) Alt + Tab
2) Alt + Tab + Shift
3) F6
4) Alt + F5
5) Ctrl + F5

97. _______ is a small box that appears on screen alongside each option displayed in a dialog box.

1) Pop- up box
2) Check box
3) Tab box
4) Click- box
5) Other than given options

98. In e-mail messages, a facial expression symbol constructed with standard characters is known as–

1) Smiley
2) Template
3) Emoticon
4) Both 1 and 3
5) All of the above

99. The physical components of a computer, the central processing unit, the display screen, the keyboard, the disk drive, is called–

1) Software
2) Hardware
3) Hard copy
4) Soft copy
5) Other than given options

100. ______ is termed as a hardware problem that causes a computer to malfunction or crash.

1) Graphics
2) Gateway
3) Glitch
4) Gopher
5) Gamma testing

101. What is called the keys on a keyboard that give special commands to the computer?

1) Modifier keys
2) Function keys
3) Functional keys
4) Toggle keys
5) All of the above

102. Locating and eliminating defects in a program is called–

1) Debugging
2) Bugging
3) Loop-hole
4) Interpreting
5) Compiling

103. An on screen element that allows a user to select one option from a group of items is called–

1) Option button
2) Radio button
3) Modifier key
4) All of the above
5) Both 1 and 2

104. _______ is the time a computer takes to execute a command?

1) Seek time
2) Response time
3) Run time
4) Delay time
5) Save time

105. Which of the following is the device on a laptop computer that takes the place of a mouse?

1) Thread
2) Trackball
3) Touch screen
4) Touchpad
5) USB

106. ______ is software that enables a user to track someone's computer activities without that person's consent.

1) Phishing
2) Virus
3) Worm
4) Spyware
5) Trojan

107. A hardware component that delivers the result of computer operations to the user is called–

1) Input device
2) Output device
3) Software device
4) Function device
5) Both 2 and 4

108. ______ is a command that transfer information from a clipboard and inserts it in another location.

1) Cut
2) Copy
3) Paste
4) Save
5) Save as

109. What does 'I' stand for in 'IRQ'?

1) International
2) Integrated
3) Item
4) Interrupt
5) Information

110. An on screen symbol that indicates where to type a command is known as–

1) Posting
2) Prompt
3) Proportional font
4) Preview
5) Push

111. ______ shortcut key is used to insert a new slide in Power-Point presentation.

1) Ctrl + N
2) Ctrl + A
3) Ctrl + M
4) Ctrl + F2
5) Both 1 and 4

112. What is the process to exit or leave a computer system?

1) Log on
2) Log off
3) Log out
4) Both 2 and 3
5) Both 1 and 3

113. What is called the ability of a computer to execute more than one program at a time?

1) Multi-programming
2) Multi-tasking
3) Multi-processing
4) Multimedia
5) Other than given options

114. A type of software that connects different applications that were not originally designed to work together–

1) Merging
2) Firmware
3) Middleware
4) Freeware
5) Other than given options

115. _____ is a common standard for connecting multiple peripherals to a computer as needed.

1) URL
2) Port
3) Jack
4) USB
5) Mouse

116. One or more related pages created by an individual or an organization and posted on the World Wide Web is called–

1) Webcam
2) Web browser
3) Web site
4) Wide area network
5) Wide-Area information

117. _____ is a software feature that detects when a word will extend beyond the right margin and automatically transfers it to the beginning of the next line.

1) Word pad
2) Word wrap
3) Word of mouse
4) Wizard
5) Webzine

118. 'Blog' is an abbreviated version of '______'.

1) Blogger
2) Blogging
3) Blog-In
4) Weblog
5) Weblog-In

119. What does 'FPS' stand for?

1) Floppy Per Second
2) Frames Per Second
3) File Per Second
4) Folder Per Second
5) Function Per Second

120. Which of the following shortcut keys is used to enter the current date in MS EXCEL?

1) Ctrl + :
2) Ctrl + E
3) Ctrl + 1
4) Ctrl + ; 5) Ctrl + "

:: English Language ::

Directions (Q. 121–130): Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/ phrases have been given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

The successful negotiations for ending subsidies on agriculture exports, issues relating to public stockholding for food security, special safeguard agreement to curb imports and other issues carried out by trade ministers from 160 odd countries at the Kenyan capital of Nairobi has breathed a new life into the WTO. It showed that despite the stalemate over negotiations on the Doha round agenda for more than a dozen years multilateral forums like the WTO still remain relevant for settling global trade issues.

However, the tying up the settlement on these messy trade issues was no easy deal. The talks which were to be concluded over four days had to be extended by a day so that a final deal could be sorted out. And developing countries like India, which were adamant on completing the agenda worked out at Doha had to climb down from the lofty heights to ensure that some settlement could be worked out to benefit everybody.

But the setbacks due to the change in stance was well worth the effort as any failure of the trade talks would have further eroded the credibility of the multilateral organisation and ended up opening up new regional trade agreements like the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) which would have only placed India and a large multitude of other developing countries at a further disadvantage.

However, it is not all loses for the developing countries. The agreement on cessation of trade subsidies requires that developed countries immediately stop almost all export subsidies while it gives developing countries time till end of 2018 to stop all kinds of direct support for promotion of agriculture exports. The deal also provides developing countries flexibility to cover transport and marketing costs of agriculture exports till end of 2023. The leeway for the poorest countries is still larger.

Regarding the public holding of grain stocks to ensure food security the deal worked out at Nairobi allows the countries time till 2017 to find a permanent solution to the issue. Moreover developing countries will now also have rights to raise tariff on agriculture products when they are threatened by a surge in imports or crashing international prices. This would protect farmers across the developing world, including India, from the volatility of global commodity price swings. End of subsidies on agriculture exports also means a more level playing field for agriculture exports from developing countries.

Then there are other decisions which would be of great assistance to the least developed countries. This includes laying out a new set of multilateral guidelines to ensure them preferential market access into developed and developing country markets. The new deal will allow products from LDC with even less than 75% of the final value of the product originating from them to get preferential treatment. Countries from sub-Saharan Africa will be major beneficiaries from this move.

Regarding the agenda worked out at the Doha Round 14 years back the trade ministers noted that though there were different views among member nations on various issues there was still a strong commitment to advance negotiation on the unsettled issues. The meeting also reasserted that special and differential treatment for less developed countries will remain an abiding rule.

121. What can be the suitable title of the above passage?

1) Trans Pacific Partnership
2) Stalemate over negotiations
3) New hopes from WTO deal
4) Developing country markets
5) A successful negotiation

122. For what issues successful negotiation has been carried out?

A) To scrap agricultural export subsidies
B) Public stockholding for food security purposes
C) Special safeguard agreement to curb import.

1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Both B and C
4) All of these
5) Both A and C

123.Which of the following best expresses the meaning of ‘breathed a new life’?

1) Taken new birth
2) Given hope of fulfilment
3) Changed its path
4) About to an end
5) Other than the given options

124. How are the farmers in India protected from the volatility of global commodity price swings?

1) Through preferential market access.
2) The developing countries have the rights to raise ban on import
3) Because of the reduction of taxes from govt
4) They can now trade directly with developed countries
5) Other than the given options

125. Choose the word which is the MOST OPPOSITE in meaning of the word ‘lofty’ as used in the passage?

1) Haughty
2) Towering
3) Soaring
4) Tall
5) Lowered

126. According to the passage, what does the agreement on cessation of trade subsidies requires?

1) That developed countries should stop almost all export subsidies.
2) That developing countries should stop promoting agriculture exports till 2018
3) That developing countries require to cover transport and marketing costs of agriculture exports till the end of 2023
4) All the given options
5) Other than the given options

127. Choose the word which is the MOST SIMILAR in meaning to the word ‘adamant’ as used in the passage

1) Pliable
2) Rigid
3) Willing
4) Tolerant
5) Bending

128. Choose the word which is the MOST OPPOSITE in meaning to the word ‘leeway’ as used in the passage?

1) Scope
2) Margin
3) Freedom
4) Restrictions
5) Advantage

129. Which one of the following sentences is true in the context of the given passage?

1) Negotiations on the Doha round failed
2) Relaxations on the developing countries are more than that on developed countries
3) India including the other developing countries is not satisfied with the Nairobi talks
4) Public stockholding has been totally legalised under WTO agreement.
5) Other than the given options

130. The WTO talks are in favour of:

A) Developed countries
B) Developing countries
C) Poor countries

1) A Only
2) C Only
3) Both A and B
4) Both B and C
5) All of the given options

Directions (Q. 131–135) : Rearrange the following Six sentences (A), (B), (C), (D), (E) and (F) in the proper sequence to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the questions given below.

(A) Earth is a satellite because it moves around the sun.
(B) But usually when someone says “satellite,” they are talking about a “man-made” satellite.
(C) Man-made satellites are machines made by people.
(D) A satellite is an object that moves around a larger object.
(E) These machines are launched into space and orbit Earth or another body in space.
(F) Earth and the moon are called “natural” satellites.

131.Which of the following would be the 'THIRD' sentence after rearrangement?

1) B
2) E
3) C
4) F
5) D

132. Which of the following would be the 'SECOND' sentence after rearrangement?

1) E
2) A
3) C
4) D
5) B

133. Which of the following would be the 'FIFTH' sentence after rearrangement?

1) B
2) C
3) E
4) D
5) A

134. Which of the following would be the 'FOURTH' sentence after rearrangement?

1) A
2) F
3) E
4) B
5) D

135. Which of the following would be the 'FIRST' sentence after rearrangement?

1) C
2) A
3) E
4) B
5) D

Directions (Q. 136–140): In each of the following sentences there are two blank spaces. Below each sentence there are five pairs or group of words denoted by numbers 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5). Find out which pair of words group of words can be filled up in the blanks in the sentence in the same sequence to make it meaningfully complete.

136. The government unveiled ______ measures ______ boost the start-up ecosystem.

1) a raft of, to help
2) a shaft of, to grow
3) a bunch of, to power
4) a pack of, to uplift
5) a bundle of, to assist

137. He was ______ four years old when he was _______ by his maternal aunt.

1) hardly, guide
2) barely, adopted
3) then, take
4) sent, refused
5) tried, brought up

138. ______ rider ship went up, ______were fewer complaints of overcrowding.

1) While, there
2) Few, unlike
3) When, they
4) Only, matched
5) Situation, and

139. ______ the child’s mother called up her husband ________ if he has reached.

1) For, to
2) To, than
3) In, so
4) Meanwhile, to confirm
5) At, about

140. The private sector’s expansion _____ is throwing up a challenge because they have over-stressed _____.

1) meeting, himself
2) itself, themselves
3) himself, yourself
4) themselves, itself
5) trial, itself

Directions (Q. 141–145): Read each sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical or idiomatic error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of that part is the answer. If there is 'No error' the answer is 5). (Ignore errors of punctuation, if any)

141. He contributed a lot 1)/ of resources and money 2)/ for building a hospital 3)/in his hometown. 4)/ No error 5)

142. All our district office 1)/ have received directions 2)/to process all the applications 3)/within ten days. 4)/ No error 5)

143. Now a days researchers 1) are getting 2)/much help from internet 3)/of doing their research work. 4)/ No error 5)

144.We are already 1)/written to the ministry 2)/ last week seeking consent 3)/to set up our own team. 4)/ No error 5)

145. In order to transfer 1)/bulk money for one 2)/bank to another you 3)/ require to fill some additional details. 4)/ No error 5)

Directions (Q. 146–150): In each sentence below, a word/ group of words has been printed in bold. From the five answer choices given below each sentence, pick out the one which can substitute the bold word/group of words correctly, without changing the meaning of the sentence.

146. He acted though it was his mistake, but we were aware that he was not guilty for it.

1) still though it was
2) though it was not
3) as if it was
4) although it was not
5) No correction required

147.It was not of her business to get engaged in somebody else’s personal issue.

1) were never her business
2) was none of her business
3) was of not her business
4) was neither her business
5) No correction required

148. Consciousness is presented to us in a result of our neurones, our brains, out senses.

1) as a result of
2) a result from
3) by the result of
4) the result from
5) No correction required

149. I was taken back by his unexpected remark on this concern.

1) would be taken back
2) was taken backwards
3) was taken back
4) was never taken aback
5) No correction required

150.We come of know of what is happening around the world.

1) came to know of
2) come to be known of
3) come to know
4) are coming to know of
5) No correction required

Directions (Q. 151– 160): In the following passage some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

The thought behind staging the Olympics in Brazil was to change how the world percept about the country. While to the world, Brazil was known (151) a country of conflicts (152) instability, Brazilians geared up for the (153) by building stadiums, roads, airports and (154) their homes and cities to visitors. With the (155) of hundreds and thousands of fans (156) only did the world’s perception of Brazil (157) as citizens experienced the fine hospitality and kindness of its (158) but more importantly the Brazilians (159) to trust in themselves and in their country’s (160).


1) by
2) to
3) like
4) as
5) for


1) like
2) with
3) and
4) beside
5) for


1) telecast
2) event
3) forecast
4) show
5) broadcast


1) opening
2) shaping
3) occupying
4) coming
5) playing


1) voyage
2) departure
3) population
4) travel
5) arrival


1) never
2) forever
3) that
4) not
5) once


1) upturn
2) transform
3) modify
4) switch
5) replace


1) country
2) nation
3) towns
4) village
5) citizens


(1) desire
2) began
3) include
4) fire
5) dedicate


1) future
2) environment
3) value
4) struggle
5) autonomy

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