IBPS-RRB Exam Scale-1 Officer (Mains) Paper - 2018 "General Awareness"

IBPS-RRBs Officer Scale-1(Mains);Exam Paper - 2018

Subject : General Awareness

General Awareness :

1. India’s first electric high power locomotive has been flagged off by the Prime Minister in which of following state?
A. Uttar Pradesh
B. Chennai
C. Bihar 
D. Meghalaya
E. West Bengal

2. What is the aim of the programme Unnat Bharat Abhiyan'?
A. Achieving 100% literacy by promoting collaboration between voluntary organizations and government's education system and local communities.
B. Connecting institutions of higher education with local communities to address development challenges through appropriate technologies.
C. Strengthening India's scientific research institutions in order to make India a scientific and technological power.
D. Developing human capital by allocating special funds for health care and education of rural and urban poor, and organizing skill development programmes and vocational training for them.
E. None of these

3. Which bank received a license from Reserve Bank of India (RBI) in July 2018 to launch operations in India?
A. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
B. Industrial Trust of China
C. China Construction Bank
D. Bank of China
E. China Trust Commercial Bank

4. The Government of India has proposed to merge which of the following state-owned banks to create India’s third largest lender as parts of reforms in the public sector banking segment?
A. Allahabad Bank, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank
B. Indian Bank, Bank of Baroda and Yes Bank
C. Yes Bank, Vijaya Bank and Allahabad Bank
D. Bank of Baroda, Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank
E. Dena Bank, Allahabad Bank and Yes Bank 

5. Which country is second largest mobile phone producer in world?
A. China 
C. Japan 
D. India
E. South Korea

6. In June 2018, the Reserve Bank of India conducted a Financial Literacy Week with the focus on creating banking awareness. Which of the following was the theme of the Financial Literacy Week?
A. ‘Know Your Customer’
B. ‘Customer Protection’
C. ‘Know Your Bank’
D. ‘Safe Banking’
E. Other than the given options

7. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY), what is the revised housing loan limit under the Priority Sector Lending (PSL) for the metropolitan centre?
A. Rs 30 lakhs 
B. Rs 40 lakhs
C. Rs 15 lakhs 
D. Rs. 10 lakhs
E. Rs 35 lakhs

8. In reference to the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (FBY) the  premium amount for all Rabi crops is ________.
A. 1.5% 
B. 2 %
C. 2.5 % 
D. 5 %
E. 10 %

9. Which bank became the first corporate bank to enroll with the UK   Open Banking Directory as a Payment Initiation Service Provider (PISP)?
A. Exim Bank 
B. Deutsche Bank
D. Citibank
E. Bank of America

10. Vodafone India will merge with which of the following mobile network?
A. Aircel 
B. Dokomo
C. Telenor 
D. Idea
E. None of these

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11. What is the minimum amount required to open an account under Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY)?
A. Rs 550 
B. Rs. 450
C. Rs. 750 
D. Rs. 250
E. Rs. 1000

12. For the first time, the traditional 'Sangrai dance' performed in  the ceremonious Republic Day parade in 2018. Sangrai Dance is associated with which state?
A. Assam
B. Tripura
C. Karnataka 
D. West Bengal
E. Odisha

13. Who has won the ‘Chief Minister of the Year’award for her remarkable work in egovernance at the 52nd Skoch Summit in New Delhi?
A. Yogi Adityanath
B. Nitish Kumar
C. Shivraj Singh Chouhan
D. Vasundhara Raje
E. N. Chandrababu Naidu

14. On the International Yoga Day (IYD) 2018,which of the following cities has set a Guinness World Record (GWR) for the largest number of people performing yoga at one place at the same time?
A. Mumbai 
B. Chandigarh
C. New Delhi
D. Kota
E. Bhopal

15. In the first meeting  of the 'NITI Forum for orth East' held in Tripura,  NITI Aayog ViceChairman Rajeev Kumar said that focus of development projects in the northeast region will be based on the concept of 'HIRA'? What is the full form   of 'HIRA'?

A. Highways, Internet Waterways, Roads, and Airways
B. Highways, Internet Waterways, Railways,and Airways
C. Highways, Inland Waterways, Railways,and Airways
D. Highways, Inland Waterways, Railways,and Airport
E. Highways, Internet, Waterways, Railways,and Airlines

16. SEBI allowed investor to buy mutual fund scheme upto how much amount through digital wallet
A. 50,000 rupees 
B. 40,000 rupees
C. 30,000 rupees 
D. 20,000 rupees
E. 10,000 rupees

17. Who among the following is the chairperson of Economic Advisory Council (EAC) to Prime Minister of India?
A. Bibek Debroy
B. Arvind Pangariya
C. Arvind Subramanian
D. Bimal Jalan
E. None of these

18. MGNREGA provides legal guarantee for employment at minimum wages to adult members of a household in a financial year for
at least:
A. 120 days 
B. 100 days
C. 150 days
D. 80 days
E. 110 days

19. Which of the following organisations has approved a  loan of 6000 crores to Atal Bhujal Yojana to tackle the country’s depleting groundwater level?
C. World Bank

20. Which of the following ministries has launched ‘Seva Bhoj Yojna’ for the financial assistance on the purchase of specific food items by Charitable Religious Institutions (CRIs) for free distribution among people?

A. Ministry of Commerce and Industry
B. Ministry of External Affairs
C. Ministry of Culture
D. Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports
E. None of these

21. Which of the following agencies has been constituted for   conducting entrance examinations in higher education?
A. Higher Education Committee
B. High Examination Agency
C. Examination Conducting Agency
D. Indian Examination Agency
E. National Testing Agency

22. 'Vijay Prahar' exercise 2018 was concluded in which  of the following states?
A. Madhya Pradesh 
B. Rajasthan
C. Maharashtra 
D. Andhra Pradesh
E. Odisha

23. Which of the following Bank has announced the launch  of 'ELA' (Electronic Live Assistant), a virtual assistant for customer support and services?
A. SBI Card
B. HDFC Bank
C. Axis Bank 
D. Yes Bank

24. The initiative, ‘Livelihood and Water Security’ for the states of Haryana and Rajasthan is to be launched under the aegis of which of the following banks?
A. Dena Bank
B. HDFC Bank
C. ICICI Bank 
D. YES Bank
E. Kotak Mahindra Bank

25. Under which section of insurance regulatory act 1938, the  merger of an insurance company and a non-insurance firm is not allowed?
A. Section 35 
B. Section 21
C. Section 8
D. Section 91
E. Section 24

26. The rate at which RBI gives short term loan to commercial banks is called
A. Repo rate 
B. Reverse Repo rate
C. Bank rate 
D. Cash Reserve rate
E. None of these

27. The national social assistance program, a government scheme that provides financial assistance to the elderly, widows and persons with disabilities in the form of social pensions is run by which of the following ministries?
A. Ministry of Women and Child Development
B. Ministry of Corporate Affairs
C. Ministry of Rural Development
D. Ministry of Human Resource Development
E. Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment

28. PM Modi addresses program 'Satyagraha se Swachhagraha' in Champaran, which is located in which of the following states?
A. Madhya Pradesh 
B. Uttar Pradesh
C. Maharashtra 
D. Bihar
E. Rajasthan

29. Who among the following personalities is not included in Times top 100 influential people in the world?
A. Mahavir Phogat 
B. Virat Kohli
C. Bhavish Aggarwal 
D. Satya Nadella
E. Donald Trump

30. Who was crowned as the winner of Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018 which was held in Gurugram, India?
A. Ekaterina Evdokimova
B. Aleksandra Liashkova
C. Zarina Andirjanova
D. Chantarachota Paphattanun
E. Helina Tilahun Bikis

31. The time limit of declaring loan dues from Micro Small and Marginal Entrepreneurs as NPA (Non-Performing Assets) is increased to how many days?
A. 120 days 
B. 180 days
C. 150 days 
D. 210 days
E. 165 days

32. What is the unemployment growth rate in India as projected by International Labour Organisation (ILO)?
A. 3.5% 
B. 4.5%
C. 5.5% 
D. 6%
E. 3%

33. Under 'Income Tax Informants Reward Scheme', a person can  get reward up to what amount for giving specific information about substantial evasion of tax on income or assets in India?
A. 25 lakh 
B. 30 lakh
C. 50 lakh 
D. 1 crore
E. 5 crore

34. Which bank announced an Employee Stock Purchase Scheme with a view to retaining its talent and incentivizing staff by issuing up to 10 crore equity shares?
A. State Bank of India
B. Bank of India
C. Bank of Baroda
D. Canara Bank
E. Punjab National Bank

35. Free and compulsory education is provided to the children who are in between which of the following years?
A. 5 to 13 years
B. 8 to 16 years
C. 7 to 15 years 
D. 6 to 14 years
E. None of these

36. India is losing 22 million $ per year in peak traffic hours in 4 cities. Which among the following cities/union territories is not the part of these 4 cities?
A. Hyderabad 
B. Delhi
C. Mumbai 
D. Kolkata
E. Bengaluru

37. Marg ERP limited has partnered with which of the following banks to offer an integrated payments platform to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) customers, using Marg’s accounting software?
B. Kotak Mahindra Bank
C. HDFC Bank 
D. State Bank of India
E. Induslnd Bank

38. Health Ministry aims to increase government health expenditure as a percentage of gross domestic product from the current 1.15% to 2.5% by which of the following years?
A. 2022 
B. 2025
C. 2023 
D. 2024
E. 2021

39. On the recommendation of the Uday Kotak committee, the maximum number of listed entity directorships held by a single individual will be reduced from 10 to ____by April 1st,2019 and to 7 by April 1st, 2020?
A. 9 
B. 10
C. 8 
D. 7
E. 6

40. P V Sindhu is an Indian badminton player. She became the first Indian woman to win an Olympic silver medal. She belongs to which of the following states?
A. Telangana
B. Odisha
C. Madhya Pradesh 
D. Karnataka
E. Chhattisgarh


(e-Book) IBPS RRB Officer Scale-I Previous Year Papers

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