(Paper) IBPS RRB CWE (IV) Office Assistant (Multipurpose) Exam Paper - 2015 "held on 12th September 2015" (Computer Knowledge)


(Paper) IBPS RRB CWE (IV) Office Assistant (Multipurpose) Exam Paper - 2015 "held on 12th September 2015" (Computer Knowledge)

Memory Based

161. Verification of login name and password is known is

(a) Alienation
(b) Authentication
(c) Configuration
(d) Logging in
(e) Certification

162. Which of the following is not a computer programming language?

(b) Microsoft
(d) C + +
(e) C #

163. Unwanted repetitious messages such as bulk

(a) Calibri
(b) Post
(c) Trash
(d) Spam
(e) Courier

164. URL is a reference to a resource on the internet, URL stand for

(a) Universal Resource List
(b) Uniform Resource Located
(c) Uniform Resource List
(d) Uniform Resource Locator
(e) Universal Resource List

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165. Which programming languages are classified as low level languages?

(a) C + +
(c) Assembly language
(e) Prolong2

166. In VLSI integrated circuit, VLSI stand for

(a) Very low security information
(b) Very low scale integration
(c) Very largely secured information
(d) Very large scale immunity
(e) Very large scale integration

167. ……… is known as unauthorized access into others computer system.

(a) Editing
(b) Encryption
(c) Deletion
(d) Decryption
(e) Hacking

168. In a MS Word document, Landscape is

(a) page orientation
(b) paper size
(c) a font style
(d) page layout
(e) a fond effect

169. A wireless network uses …………… waves to transmit signals.

(a) electro-magnetic
(b) electrical
(c) radio
(d) magnetic
(e) mechanical

170. Which of the following is not a network topology?

(a) Tree
(b) Star
(c) Bus
(d) Car
(e) Ring

171. Which of the following is correct statement?

(a) 1 MB = 100 KB
(b) 1 KB = 1024 bytes
(c) 1 MB = 2048 bytes
(d) 4 GB = 1024 KB
(e) 1 KB = 100 bytes

172. Secure code/Verified by VISA is associated in which of the following transactions?

(a) e-Commerce
(b) NEFT
(c) Cash deposit
(d) Funds transfer
(e) Cash withdraw

173. The process of identifying specific rows and columns so that certain columns and rows are always visible on the screen, is called

(a) Freezing
(b) Locking
(c) Selection
(d) Fixing
(e) None of these

174. MICR technology is mainly used by banking industry. MICR denotes

(a) Magnetic Ink Computer Reading
(b) Magnetic Ink Code Recognition
(c) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition
(d) Magnetic In Check Reading
(e) Magnetic Ink Code Reserved

175. Which files have .mpg extension?

(a) Spread sheet
(b) Text
(c) Video
(d) Web
(e) Executable

176. A computer network tool used to detect hosts or to test the reach ability of a host in IP.

(a) Try
(b) Ping
(c) Check
(d) View
(e) Lookup

177. What is full form of W3C?

(a) World Wide Web Centre
(b) World Wide Web Consortium
(c) World Wide Web Company
(d) World Wide Web Command
(e) World Wide Web Corporation

178. Numbers are stored and transmitted inside a computer in

(a) CISC form
(b) Alpha-numeric form
(c) Binary form
(d) ASCII code
(e) Alphabets form

179. A …… is the term used when a search engine returns a webpage that match the search criteria.

(a) blog
(b) hit
(c) link
(d) view
(e) success

180. To move to the bottom of a MS Word document, press

(a) Auto summaries
(b) Home
(c) Home key
(d) Ctrl + End
(e) Ctrl + Home

181. In MS Word shortcut key, Ctrl + Z will

(a) opens the print window
(b) redo the last action performed
(c) cut selected text
(d) insert link
(e) undo last action

182. Which of the following is the smallest data size?

(a) Terabyte
(b) Gigabyte
(c) Kilobyte
(d) Megabyte
(e) Petabyte

183. DNS in internet is abbreviation of (a) Dynamic Network Service

(b) Dynamic Name Service
(c) Domain Network Service
(d) Dynamic Naming System
(e) Domain Name System

184. All the formulas in Excel start with

(a) =
(b) %
(c) *
(d) $
(e) /

185. When any of the files or folders are deleted from hard disk, Windows

(a) place in it snipping tools
(b) places it in sticky notes
(c) places it in recycle bin
(d) deletes it permanently
(e) place it in Microsoft office

186. What is the purpose of keeping electronic devices such as computers, televisions and remote controlled devices on sleep mode?

(a) For Back up
(b) To improve download speed
(c) To write contents of RAM to hard disk
(d) Reduce power consumption
(e) To enhance the memory

187. A file which contains readymade layouts, themes effects, background style and even contents for presentation is called

(a) Pre formatting
(b) Wizard
(c) Auto style
(d) Pre styling
(e) Template

188. Which among the following does not belong to the group?

(a) Spyware
(b) Hub
(c) Worm
(d) Virus
(e) Malware

189. ………… displays the hierarchical structure of files, folders and drives on the computer and any network drives mapped to the computer.

(a) Window Explorer
(b) Google Chrome
(c) Firefox
(d) Folder Manager
(e) Internet Explorer

190. The part of operating system that manages the essential peripherals such as the keyboard,

(a) Basic Input Output system
(b) Secondary system
(c) Peripheral system
(d) Marginal system
(e) Title system

191. Which of the following is not a web browser?

(a) Mozilla
(b) Opera
(c) Firefox
(d) Safari
(e) Casio

192. Which of the following is not a binary number?

(a) 123111
(b) 100101
(c) 100000
(d) 101010
(e) 111111

193. A computer translates a program written a high level language into

(a) an algorithm
(b) application language
(c) machine language
(d) java
(e) C + +

194. LINUS is a(n)

(a) firewall software
(b) proprietary operating system of Google
(c) inventory management software
(d) proprietary operating system of Microsoft
(e) open source operating system

195. Which of the following place the common data elements in order from smallest to largest?

(a) Character, record, filed, file, database
(b) Character, file, record, filed, database
(c) Character, record, filed, database, file
(d) Database, file, record, filed, character
(e) Character, filed, record, file, database

196. Chip is common nickname for a(n)

(a) Structures
(b) Semi-conductor
(c) Resistor
(d) Transistor
(e) Integrated
(f) Circuits

197. In Word processing, an efficient way to move the 3rd paragraph to place it after the 5th paragraph is

(a) Delete and Paste
(b) Cut and paste
(c) Copy and paste
(d) Delete and retype
(e) Edit and paste

198. The printing measure DPI means

(a) Dost processing inch
(b) Dots processing incitation
(c) Dots per inch
(d) Diagram processing information
(e) Diagrams per inch

199. A stored link to a webpage, in order to have a quick access to it later, is called

(a) WP-link
(b) Assistant
(c) Bookmark
(d) Joystick
(e) Storage

200. Which among the following is not a computer programming language?

(b) 4GL
(d) Visual Basic
(e) Safari

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