(Download) LIC AAO Paper 2019 : SHIFT-1 ENGLISH MEDIUM

(Download) LIC AAO Paper 2019 : SHIFT-1 ENGLISH MEDIUM

Question 1 
Find the odd one (as per the direction).
1) EA
2) GB
3) GA
4) CI
5) BD

Question 2 
B is in which direction with respect to D?
1) North
2) North-east
3) South-west
4) South-east
5) East

Question 3
If H is 15 m south of E, at which distance and in which direction H is with respect to B?
1) 20 m, East
2) 20 m, West
3) 30 m, North
4) 15 m, North
5) 15 m, South

Question 4
How many persons are sitting between A and F (if counted to the right of F)?
1) Only G
2) Both G and J
3) Both B and E
4) Only H
5) Only C

Question 5
How many people are between H and D (if counted to the right of D)?
1) Two
2) One
3) None
4) More than three
5) Three

Question 6
What is the position of B with respect of C?
1) Second to the right
2) Third to the right
3) Second to the left
4) Third to the left
5) Fourth to the right

Question 7
Find the odd one.
1) EF
2) BA
3) GH
4) HE
5) CJ

Question 8
Complete the given series (as per the seating arrangemnet):
AB, FG, JB, FH, AG, ___.
1) HA
2) CF
3) GH
4) BG
5) JC

Question 9
According to numerical series, How many pairs of digits are there in the number “67289574” each of which has as many digits between them as in the numerical series in both forward and backward directions?
1) None
2) One
3) Two
4) Three
5) More than three

Question 10
In a certain coding language, 'HONEST' is coded as 'INODTS', and 'HEAT' is coded as 'IDBS', then how 'LENGTH' can be coded in the given coding language?



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