LIC AAO Aptitude Paper : 2010

LIC AAO Paper : 2010

Directions (1-5) : Fill in each of the numbered blanks in the following pasaage with the most suitable word out of the alternative given against each number.

(1) Her monumental reputation the Mona Lisa was a (2) thirty-one inches by twenty one inches, smaller ever than the poster of her sold in the Louvre Gift shop, She hung on the north west wall of the salledes Etats (3) a two inch-thick pane of protective piexigias, painted on a popular wood panel her (4) mist-filled atmosphere was attributed to Da Vinci’s mastery of the sfumato style, in which forms appear to (5) in to one another.

1. (1) Despite
(2) Unlikely to
(3) Even with
(4) None of the above

2. (1) Only
(2) Mere
(3) Just
(4) None of the above

3. (1) In
(2) On
(3) Behind
(4) None of the above

4. (1) Ethereal
(2) Curious
(3) Pictorial
(4) None of the above

5. (1) Get duplicated
(2) Evaporate
(3) Constituted
(4) None of the above

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