(Paper) SBI Clerk 2nd SITTING EXAM Paper - 2011 "Held On 15-11-2009" ::GENERAL AWARENESS::

(Paper) SBI Clerk 2nd SITTING EXAM Paper - 2011 "Held On 15-11-2009"


1. As per the new targets fixed for 2009-10 the Agricultural sector will receive the credit flow of Rs………………

A. 1,50,000 crores
B. 2,25,000 crores
C. 3,00,000 crores
D. 3,25,000 crores
E. 4,00,000 crores

2. As per the Union Budget 2009-10, how much amount is allocated to National Rural Health Mission (NRHM)? About Rs.

A. 5,000 crores
B. 7,000 crores
C. 9,000 crores
D. 10,000 crores
E. 13,930 crores

3. The National Commodity and Derivatives Exchange Limiter! (NCDEX) is located in which of the following cities?

A. Mumbai
B. Kolkata
C. Hyderabad
E. New Delhi

4. Many times r,e, read in financial newspapers about the performance of the “core sectors” in Economy. Which of the following is NOT included in the core sector of the same?

A. Coal
B. Auto sector
C. Steel
D. Cement
E. Oil & Petroleum sector

5. Which of the following is/are the highlights of the Railway Budget 2009-10 presented by Ms. Mamta Banerjee?

(1) Several low fare AC Yuva Trains are introduced for the first time in the country.
(2) Twelve non stop point to point trains between the select cities are introduced.
(3) Railway will develop cold storages for farmers on surplus land of Railways so that vegetables and fruits and can be stored there before loading on wagons.

A. Only (1)
B. Only (2)
C. Only (1) & (2)
D. All (1), (2) & (3)
E. None of these

6. Which of the following programmes was launched in 2005-06 for creating infrastructure and basic amenities in rural parts of our country?

A. Janani Suraksha Yojana
B. Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan
C. Swarnjayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana
D. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme
E. Bharat Nirman

7. A new scheme Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana is launched recently with an allocation of Rs. .,…

A. 100 crores
B. 200 crores
C. 350 crores
D. 500 crores
E. 1,000 crores

8. “Micro Credit” means—

(1) Loans of small amounts to people in unorganized sector
(2) Loans to Self Help Groups
(3) Loans amounting Rs. 50 lakhs to Rs. 5 crores to ,Medium and Small Industries Units

A. Only (1)
B. Only (2)
C. Only (1) and (2)
D. All (1), (2) & (3)
E. None of these

9. Which of the following banks has launched a new product “Defence Salary Package Army” for the jawans of the defence services in India?

A. Bank of India
B. Punjab National Bank
C. Axis Bank
D. State Bank of India

10. As per the figures released recently the production of food grains during the last three consecutive years 2005-06 to 2007-08 recorded on average annual increase of about………

A. 3 million tonnes
B. 5 million tonnes
C. 7 million tonnes
D. 10 million tonnes
E. 15 million tonnes

11. As per the newly released figures India has become the world’s third largest manufacturer of which of the following surpassing USA and Russia?

A. Cement
B. Steel
C. White goods
D. Cars and two wheelers
E. None of these

12. As we all know in India currency market is regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), while “currency futures” are jointly regulated by the RBI and which of the following other banks?

D. State Bank of India

13. National Sports Day is observed on which of the following days?

A. 20th August
B. 29th August
C. 19th July
D. 29th July
E. 20th September

14. Brazil won the confederation Cup Football Finals-2009, after defeating which of the following teams?

B. England
C. Italy
D. France
E. Germany

15. Which of the foll.owing countries was adjudged as the second biggest investors in Britain during 2008?

A. India
B. Japan
C. China
D. S. Korea
E. None of these

16. Who amongst the following is thFs_athog of the book “The Miracle of Democracy: India’s Amazing Journey”?

A. Mr. Nandan Nilekani
B. Mr. T.S. Krishnamurthy
C. Mr. Madhav Godbole
D. Mr. Gopal Krishna Pillai
E. gone of these

17. The first European Union – Pakistan Summit was organized in June 2009 in

A. London
B. Brussels
C. Rome
D. Athens
E. Budapest

18. Who amongst the following has taken over as Chairperson of the Unique Identification Authority of India, created recently?

A. Mr. Narayana Murthy
B. Mr. V.K. Verma
C. Mr. K.M. Chandrasekhar
D. Mr. K.C. Chakraborty
E. None of these

19. Govt. of India has made an agreement with which of the following countries to upgrade it’s AN-32 aircrafts used by the Indian Air Force?

A. Ukrain
B. France
C. Russia
D. Britain
E. None of these

20. Serena Williams won which of the following women’s Championship of 2009 after defeating her sister Venus Williams?

A. French Open
B. Australian Open
C. Wimbledon
D. US Open
E. None of these

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21. Which of the following is Repo Rate at present?

A. 3%
B. 3.5%
C. 4%
D. 4.75%
E. None of these

22. Sri Hansraj Bhardwaj has taken over as the Governor of ………….

A Tamil Nadu
B. Assam
C. Karnataka
D. Maharashtra
E. Jharkhand

23. Who amongst the following got the IIFA Award-2009 for Best Director?

A Karan Johar
B. Ashutosh Gowarikar
C. David Dhawan
D. Rakesh Roshan
E. None of these

24. The first summit of BRIC nations was held recently in which of the following nations?

A India
B. Russia
C. Brazil
D. China
E. None of these

25. Who amongst the following is the author of the book “Shape of Things To Come”?

A Adam Smith
B. James Joyce
C. Daniel Defoe
D. Edgar Snow
E. H.G. Wells

26. As per the recent announcement by the Govt. of India about 2200 items from a particular country are now allowed to enter India without payment of any import duty. Which of the following countries will be exporting these items?

A Singapore
B. China
C. Pakistan
D. Nepal
E. Myanmar

27. As per the news published in various newspapers, the RBI has given its permission for cash withdrawal at “POS terminals”. What is the full form of “POS”?

A Permitted on Sale
B. Potential of Service
C. Point of Sale
D. Permission of Sale
E. None of these

28. Which of the following has been the Gross Fiscal Deficit (percent of GDP) during 200809? About………

A. 3%
B. 5%
C. 6%
D. 9%
E. 8%

29. Which of the following States won the 63rd National Football (Santosh Trophy)-2009 held in June 2009?

A. Maharashtra
B. Jharkhand
C. Karnataka
D. Punjab
E. Goa

30. The eighth Indo-Gulf Conference was organized recently in which of the following cities?

A. New Delhi
B. Kolkata
C. Kochi
D. Chennai
E. Hyderabad

31. ‘OSCAR’ Awards are given for the excellence in the field of

A. Journalism B. Social Service
C. Films
D. Sports
E. None of these

32. Which of the following is NOT a banking related term?

A. SME Finance
B. Overdraft
C. Drawing power
D. Sanctioning Authority
E. Equinox

33. Mr. Maohmoud Ahmadinejad who was in news recently is the President of………..

A. Iran
B. Iraq
C. Uganda
D. Chad
E. None of these

34. “The Doing Business Report” is prepared by which of the following organizations every year?

A. Asian Development Bank (ADB)
B. World Bank
C. International Monetary Fund (IMF)
D. World Trade Organisation (WTO)
E. None of these

35. Bad loans in banking terminology are generally known as……………….

A. Prime Loans
B. Prime Asset

36. Which of the following is NOT a Social Development Scheme launched by the Govt. of India?

A. Indira Awas Yojana
B. Kutir Jyoti
C. Look East Policy
D. Operation Black Board
E. Mid Day Meal Scheme

37. Who amongst the following is the Chairperson of the 13th Finance Commission?

A. Sri Bindeshwar Pathak
B. Mrs Nirupama Rao –
C. Dr. Vijay Kelkar
D. Dr. C. Rangarajan
E None of these

38. “Yen” is the currency of………

A China
B. South Korea
C. North Korea
D. Taiwan
E. None of these

39. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of Literature?

A. Saraswati Sanman
B. Tansen Sanman
C. Kalidas Sanman
D. Arjuna Award
E. None of these

40. Which of the following terms is NOT related with the game of Hockey?

A. Back Swing
B. Short grip
C. Hook
D. Slice
E. Short corner

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