(Download) SBI Associate Clerk Exam Paper Held on 16-01-2011: 2nd Sitting - General Awareness

(Download) SBI Associate Clerk Exam Paper Held on 16-01-2011: 2nd Sitting - General Awareness

1. The Govt. of Indian and RBI are making all the efforts to provide banking facilities to all the villages/habitations in the country. This is the part of their policy of _________
(B) Financial Inclusion
(C) Swawalambar
(D) Pradhan Mantri Adarsh Gram Yojana
(E) None of these

2. Which of the following is NOT a Private Bank in India?
(A) Yes Bank (B) HDFC Bank
(C) Axis Bank
(D) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(E) IDBI Bank

3. Which of the following is/are NOT the function of a bank?
(A) Accepting deposits from the public
(B) Grant of loans and advances
(C) Providing finance to all who cannot earn enough to survive
(A) Only (A)
(B) Only (B)
(C) Only (C)
(D) All (A), (B) & (C)
(E) Only (B) & (C)

4. David Cameron who was in news recently is the ___________
(A) President of Australia
(B) Prime Minister of United Kingdom
(C) President of Brazil
(D) Prime Minister of Brazil
(E) None of these

5. Farmers in India are covered by some welfare schemes. Which of the following is the name of the same?
(A) Swasthya Bima Yojana
(B) Varsha Bima Yojana
(C) National Pension Scheme for unorganized sector
(D) Food for work scheme
(E) None of these

6. Which of the following Awards is given to a sports coach?
(A) Arjuna Award
(B) Khel Ratna Puraskar
(C) Sportsman of the year Award
(D) Dronacharya Award
(E) None of these

7. Who amongst the following has taken over the Chief Minister of Bihar recent assembly elections there?
(A) Lalu Prasad Yadav
(B) Ramvilas Paswan
(C) Nitish Kumar
(D) Syeed Shahnawaj Hussain
(E) None of these

8. Hashim Amla who was awarded the player in this category in a famous __________
(A) Tennis player
(B) Badminton player
(C) Hockey player
(D) Chess player
(E) Cricket player

9. What does the letter ‘F’ denote in the abbreviated name ‘IIFCL’?
(A) Functional
(B) Foreign
(C) Forwarded
(D) Finance
(E) None of these

10. What is the purpose of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act?
(A) To provide employment to all those who are unemployed
(B) To provide 100 days employment to those who are willing to take a job
(C) To ensure that nobody in a village remains unemployed
(D) To ensure that people get enough income during off season
(E) None of these

11. ‘Guangzhou’ was recently in new as ___________
(A) G – 20 Summit took place there
(B) Commonwealth Games were organized there
(C) ASEAN Summit took place there
(D) Asian Games 2010 were organized there
(E) None of these

12. Which of the following is a treaty associated with the use of Nuclear Power?
(D) Look East Policy
(E) None of these

13. Nicole Faria who was crowned ‘Miss – 2010’ is from which of the following countries?
(A) Brazil
(B) India
(C) Britain
(D) Italy
(E) France

14. Which of the following awards/honours is given to Mr. Pranab Mukherjee?
(A) Parliamentarian of the year
(B) Best Union Minister
(C) Finance Minister of the year for Asia
(D) SAARC Parliamentarian of the year
(E) None of these

15. Which of the following names is associated with a Health scheme launched by the Govt. of India?

16. Gagan Narang who won 4 gold medals in Delhi Commonwealth Games is basically a ________
(A) Weight lifter
(B) Badminton player
(C) Table Tennis player
(D) Swimmer
(E) Air Rifle shooter

17. An individual going to Kuwait will have to make all his/her payments in which of the following currencies?
(A) Pula
(B) Ruble
(C) Curco
(D) Lari
(E) Dinar

18. World’s largest bourse was inaugurated in Mumbai recently. The bourse will deal in which of the following commodities?
(A) Textiles
(B) Gold
(C) Silver
(D) Diamond
(E) None of these

19. HINDALCO is a company operating in the area of ________
(A) Car & Automobile
(B) Textiles
(C) Cement manufacturing
(D) Software development
(E) Aluminum & Copper rolling

20. Who has written the book “The White Tiger”?
(A) Saul Bellow
(B) Amitav Ghosh
(C) Salman Rushdie
(D) V.S. Naipaul
(E) Aravind Adiga

21. Which of the following is a form of irrigation used in India?
(A) Dip
(B) Booting
(C) Amalga
(D) Extension Service
(E) None of these

22. Who amongst the following is one of the winner of the Nobel Prize 2010 in Physics?
(A) Andre Geim
(B) Alex Sammond
(C) Robert G Edwards
(D) Akira Suzuki
(E) None of these

23. Mr. Howard Jacobson who is Booker prize winner for 2010 writes in _______
(A) Spanish
(B) German
(C) Russian
(D) French
(E) English

24. Who amongst the following has never been the Prime Minister of India?
(A) Smt. Indira Gandhi
(B) Lal Bahadur Shastri
(C) Morarji Desai
(D) Somnath Chatterjee
(E) Rajiv Gandhi

25. Who amongst the following is a famous man Booker Prize winner author of Indian origin?
(A) Chetan Bhagat
(B) Arundhati Roy
(C) Namita Ghokhale
(D) Upamanyu Chatterjee
(E) None of these

26. Which of the following schemes is launched to make cities free from slums?
(A) Indira Aawas Yojana
(B) Bharat Nirman
(C) Rajiv Gandhi Awas Yojana
(D) Pradhan Mantri Aadarsha Gram Yojana
(E) None of these

27. Which of the following schemes is launched to make cities free from slums?
(A) Challenge Cup
(B) Nehru Gold Cup
(C) Carling Cup
(D) FIFA World Cup
(E) Merdeka Cup

28. Shri S M Krishna recently signed an agreement with Dr. Guido Westerwelle when he came to India in October 2010. This means this was an agreement between India and ______
(B) Russia
(C) Germany
(D) France
(E) Brazil

29. The first general election was held in India in ______
(A) 1951 – 52
(B) 1962
(C) 1957
(D) 1947 – 48
(E) 1949

30. Which one of the following taxes/cess is levied by States in India?
(A) Tax on motor vehicles
(B) Educational cess
(C) Tax on hotels
(D) Tax on wealth
(E) All of these

31. Who among the following has been declared as Businessman of the decade?
(A) Mukesh Ambani
(B) Anil Ambani
(C) Rattan Tata
(D) Azim Premji
(E) Aditya Birla

32. Tejaswini Sawant is the first Indian woman to be crowned world champion in ______
(A) Shooting
(B) Wrestling
(C) Boxing
(D) Athletics
(E) None of these

33. NAV is normally used in respect of scheme floated by _______
(A) Banks
(B) Mutual funds
(C) Insurance Companies
(D) Merchant banker
(E) None of these

34. The regulatar of the Insurance Companies in India is ___________
(B) Finance Minister
(E) None of these

35. The headquarters of SAARC is in ____________
(A) Kathmandu
(B) New Delhi
(C) Islamabad
(D) Dhaka
(E) Colombo

36. The seat of International Court of Justice is established at ________
(A) Geneva
(B) Hague
(C) Chicago
(D) Switzerland
(E) Washington

37. Which of the following states has achieved the highest literacy rate?
(A) Haryana
(B) West Bengal
(C) Kerala
(D) Maharashtra
(E) Tamil Nadu

38. Money Laundering refers to ___________
(A) Conversion of assets into cash
(B) Conversion of Money which is illegally obtained
(C) Conversion of cash into gold
(D) Conversion of gold into cash
(E) Money power

39. Who won the Commonwealth Writer Prize on April 12, 2010?
(A) Shobha De (B) Tara Joshi
(C) Arvind Virmani
(D) Rana Dasgupta
(E) Kushwant Singh

40. Brahmos is a/an ___________
(A) Fighter plane
(B) Pattan tank
(C) Submarine
(D) Supersonic missile
(E) Helicopter

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