SBI PO Exam Paper - (General Awareness, Marketing and Computer Knowledge) "held on30-11-2014"

 SBI PO Exam Paper - (General Awareness, Marketing And Computer Knowledge) "held on30-11-2014"

(Based on Memory)

151. Rules for exchanging data between compuers are called

(1) Programmers (2) Hyperlinks
(3) Hyper actions
(4) Procedure
(5) Protocols

152. As per RBI guidelines, banks are no longer allowed to penalise its customer for

(1) None-maintainers of minimum balance in cooperative accounts
(2) Non-maintained of minimum balance in current account
(3) Non-maintained of minimum balance in savings account
(4) Bouncing of cheques issued for non-availability of terms
(5) Premature withdrawal of term deposits

153. How many gigabytes are there in a prototype?

(1) 500000 (2) 100000
(3) 1000 (4) 100
(5) 001

154. Subject to compliance of security features the CBS complaint Urban Cooperative Banks can offer the following types of internet banking facility to their customers

(1) Non-fund based view only facility
(2) Payment of direct/indirect taxes
(3) Online-fund transfer from one account to another
(4) Online e-commerce facility
(5) Remittance of funds through NEFT/RTGS

155. Anoushka Shankar is a famous Indian

(1) Famous music director
(2) Guitarist
(3) Other than those given as options
(4) Classical singer
(5) Sitarist




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156. When a customer likes a product and talks about it, this becomes an example of

(1) Distalking
(2) Marketing
(3) Favouring
(4) Soliciting
(5) Word of mouth advertising

157. Which of the following is the autobiography of renowned politician K. Natwar Singh?

(1) Not just an accountant
(2) One life is not enough
(3) My life with Rajiv and Sonia
(4) The substance and the Shadow
(5) Other than those given as options

158. Basically, the CTS-2010 standards issued by the Reserve Bank of India are

(1) Cheque forms specifications
(2) Systems specifications
(3) Procedures specifications
(4) Technology specifications
(5) Equipment specification

159. Which of the following instrument is in the hands of the RBI controls liquidity in the banking systems by regulating the money supply in the hands of tanks that they can pump in economy?

(1) Cash revenue ratio
(2) Credit deposit ratio
(3) Other than given as options
(4) Capital adequate ratio
(5) CASA ratio

160. Which of the following banks is a public sector banks?

(1) ICICI Bank (2) IDBI Bank
(3) HDFC Bank (4) J & K Bank
(5) PNB Bank

161. The RBI has come out with a new concept of bank licensing termed as the ‘Differentiated Bank License’. A differentiated Bank License will allow a bank to

(1) Open branches in only identified geographical areas
(2) Deal with only an identified class of customers
(3) Offer products only in select
(4) Offer services to specified institutions/customers
(5) Operate on principles of universal banking

162. The mission the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is to protect the interests of the policy holders and to

(1) Ensure orderly growth of insurance industry
(2) Promote the development of financial infrastructure
(3) Specify listing and transfer of securities
(4) Regulate business of mutual funds
(5) Regulate the money and credit market

163. Which of the following schemes aims at tackling malnutrition and health problems of children below the age of 6 years and their memebers?

(1) Kasturba Gandhi Shishu Sangopan Yojana
(2) Kishore Vaigyanic Yojana
(3) Janani Suraksha Yojana
(4) Other than those given as options
(5) Integrated Child Development Services

164. Which of the following country(ies) have the word ‘Dinar’ in its/official currency?

1. Algeria 2. Iraq
3. Kuwait

(1) 3 and 2
(2) 1 and 2
(3) Only 1
(4) 2 and 3
(5) All of these

165. Shares of a close ended fund is setting at 20% premium over NAV and its NAV is Rs. 10.00 market price of the

(1) Rs. 10.00
(2) Other than those given as options
(3) Rs. 11.00
(4) Rs. 12.00 (5) Rs. 8.00

166. Which button inExcel 2007 will automatically add the contents of a group of cells?

(1) Calculate
(2) Auto add
(3) Auto sum
(4) Formula
(5) Redo

167. In which of the following cases services marketing is resorted to?

(1) production houses
(2) only MNCs
(3) Banks and Insurance companies
(4) Public sector undertakings
(5) Industrial units

168. The SBI has recently launched a new facility called ‘M-passbook’ for its retail banking users on its ‘State Bank Anywhere’ mobile application. The facility enables users to

(1) Perform e-commerce transactions through their smartphone
(2) Bend requisition for cheque books through their smartphone
(3) Perform internet banking transactions through their smartphone
(4) Indicates view their transaction history on their smartphone
(5) remit funds under RTGS/NEFT through their smartphone

169. .............. indicates the buying process of customers.

(1) Evaluation of alternatives
(2) Separating needs and wants
(3) Purchase decision
(4) Information search
(5) Need recognition

170. The process of writing computer instructing in a programming language is known as

(1) Instructioning
(2) Coding
(3) Algorithming
(4) File
(5) Processing

171. The supply chain that stretches from raw materials to ............ represents a value delivery system.

(1) Final products for final buyers
(2) Warehouses for storage
(3) Production stage
(4) Suppliers
(5) Factory entrance point

172. Market Segmentation means

(1) Making selling arrangement
(2) Grouping sales team
(3) Grouping the customers as per their needs
(4) Grouping bank office staff
(5) Grouping the counter staff

173. An investor who wants to dematerialise his shares needs to open a demat account with

(1) The securities and Exchange Board of India
(2) The concerned company
(3) Any registered share broker
(4) A recognised stock exchange
(5) A depository participant

174. Which of the following is not parts of buying decision process of customer?

(1) Seeking discount
(2) Problem recognition
(3) Purchase design
(4) Information search
(5) Evaluation of alternatives

175. Which of the following sets of financial instruments is not derivatives?

(1) Floors and collars
(2) Future and forwards
(3) Swaps and options
(4) Caps and credit default swaps
(5) Equities and bonds

176. Which of the following pairs of old names and new names of countries names match of correct?

1. Constantnopie : Istambul
2. Mesopotamia : Parestine
3. Rhodesia : Zimbabwe
(1) Only 1 (2) 1 and 3
(3) All of these (4) Both 1 and 2
(5) 2 and 3

177. Which of the following is described as being too impersonal of one way communication?

(1) Sales promotion by door-to-door campaign
(2) Personal selling
(3) Direct marketing
(4) Public relations
(5) Advertising

178. A marketing network consists of the company and its

(1) Distributors only
(2) Employees only
(3) Supporting stock holders
(4) Shareholders only
(5) Suppliers only

179. Aggressive marketing is the result of

(1) Increased job solution
(2) Outsourcing
(3) Increased marketing staff
(4) Increased competition
(5) Increased production

180. The minimum wage ceiling for becoming a subscriber for social security schemes run by Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has now been raised to

(1) Rs. 1000 (2) Rs. 7500
(3) Rs. 15000 (4) Rs. 10000
(5) Rs. 1200

181. A(n) ............. analysis and executes each line of source code in succession, without looking at the entire programme.

(1) Compiler
(2) Device driver
(3) Utility
(4) operating system
(5) Interpreter

182. Value Added Service means

(1) Old products
(2) Extra service in addition
(3) Highly valuable products
(4) Low value products
(5) Substituted products

183. Which of the following is not a part of four P’s of marketing mix?

(1) Place (2) Price
(3) Promotion (4) Product
(5) Person

184. The decisions such as which country to enter in, how to enter and how to introduce the products are required in

(1) Local markets (2) Global markets
(3) Social markets
(4) Government markets
(5) Service markets

185. ................ indicates working more closely with customers to add value to the operative.

(1) Gaobasing
(2) Merging
(3) Customer partnering
(4) Re-engineering
(5) Outsourcing

186. Which of the following is a village development project under which each member of Parliament will take the responsibility of development physical and institutional is the infrastructure is the identified village?

(1) Swaran Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana
(2) Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana
(3) Provision of urban
(4) National Social Assistance Programme
(5) Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana

187. A device designed to read information encoded into a small plastic card is

(1) Card puncher
(2) ID puncher
(3) Tape puncher
(4) Badge reader
(5) Magnetic tape

188. The Central government has recently merger of National Spot Exchange Limited (NSEL) with which of the following?

(1) Bombay Stock Exchange
(2) Financial Technologies of India Limited (FTIL)
(3) Other than those given as options
(4) National Stock Exchange
(5) Tech Mahindra

189. Which of the following type of credit/debit cards are not required to be swiped at the Point of Sale (PoS) terminates instead, they have to be dipped into .............. the device and the cardholder is required to key in a unique PIN to complete the transaction.

(1) Magnetic Stripe Base Debit Cards
(2) Magnetic Stripe Base Credit Cards
(3) Chip Based Credit/Debit Cards
(4) Cell Based Credit/Debit Cards
(5) Sim Based Credit/Debit Cards

190. The unique mobile money transfer and payment service ‘M-Pesa’ is the trademark of

(1) HDFC Bank
(2) IDEA Cellular
(3) Vodafone
(4) ICICI Bank
(5) IDBI Bank

191. The United Nations arm UNHRC acronym stands for United Nations

(1) Human Rights Council
(2) Human Rights Commission
(3) Human Resources Commission
(4) Other than those given as options
(5) Human Religious Committee

192. Quantitative Easing as a term which is generally used to refer to a policy, which is adaptive?

(1) Cause money from the markets
(2) Put a ceiling on the loanable funds of banks
(3) Increase money supply in the economy
(4) Absorb excess supply in the economy
(5) Sell assets to the financial sector

193. United Nations Organisations (UNO) was set upon which of the following dates?

(1) October 30, 1944
(2) October 31, 1945
(3) October 20, 1944
(4) October 24, 1945
(5) Other than those given as options

194. Product and Brand Management is sometimes characterised as

(1) Regional systems
(2) Segmental organisation
(3) Geographical systems
(4) Layered organisation
(5) Hub and spoke system

195. The ALU and control unit of most of the microcomputer are combined and manufactured in a single silicon chip. What it is called?

(1) ALU
(2) Touchpad
(3) Control Unit
(4) Men chip
(5) Microprocessor

196. Jeffrey Fournie, an American was freed unexpectedly recently by the government of

(1) North Korea
(2) Other than those given as options
(3) Syria
(4) South Korea
(5) Taiwan

197. National Chemical Laboratory is located at

(1) New Delhi
(2) Chandigarh
(3) Hyderabad
(4) Pune
(5) Other than those given as options

198. Which of the following is used to write webpages?

(1) HTML
(2) Telnet
(3) HTTP
(4) URL
(5) FTP

199. Which of the following is not a valid version of MS-Office?

(1) Office XP (2) Office 2003
(3) Office 2004
(4) Office Vista
(5) Office 2003

200. URL stands for

(1) Uniform Retail Location
(2) Universal Resource List
(3) Uniform Research Locator
(4) Universal Research List
(5) Uniform Resource Locator




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