(Download) LIC Apprentice Development Officers Solved Exam Paper: Held on 06-07-2008

(Download) LIC Solved Apprentice Development Officers Exam : Held on 06-07-2008

1. Who is the highest Law officer of a State ?

(A) Attorney General

(B) Secretary General Law Department

(C) Advocate General

(D) Solicitor General

Ans : (C)

2. The place for Amritsar was given by the Mughal Emperor Akbar to

(A) Guru Amar Das

(B) Guru Hari Kishan

(C) Guru Ram Das

(D) Guru Tegh Bahadur

Ans : (C)

3. Which section of IPC is applicable in a case of death due to negligence ?

(A) 304 Part-I

(B) 304 Part-II

(C) 304 A

(D) 307

Ans : (C)

4. Which of the following pairs is wrongly matched ?

(A) Sabarigiri Project of Gujarat

(B) Sharavathy Project of Karnataka

(C) Kundah Project of Tamil Nadu

(D) Balimela Project of Orissa

Ans : (A)

5. The Olympic Flame symbolizes of

(A) Speed, perfection and strength

(B) Unity among various nations of the world

(C) Continuity between the ancient and modern games

(D) Sports as a means of securing harmony among the nations

Ans : (C)

6. Which of the following deals with economic offences ?





Ans : (D)

7. The earth rotates on its axis from

(A) East to West

(B) West to East

(C) North to South

(D) South to North

Ans : (B)

8. A Cricket match is being telecasted live from Delhi. If the match commences at 10 a.m. at What time would viewers in London have to tune in their sets ?

(A) 10 a.m.

(B) 4·30 a.m.

(C) 4.30 p.m.

(D) 10 p.m.

Ans : (B)

9.˜The United Kingdom consists of England and

(A) Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

(B) Northern Ireland, Palma and Iceland

(C) Scotland, Wales and Faeroe Island

(D) Scotland, Sardinia and Wales

Ans : (A)

10. Which of the following is the publisher of Employment News ?

(A) Indian Express Group

(B) Times of India Group

(C) Ministry of Human Resources Development

(D) Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Ans : (D)

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