(Download) Latest LIC Officer Examination Paper : June, 2009

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Latest LIC Officer Examination Paper : June 2009

1. Which sport is the Vijay Hazare trophy related to: Cricket

2. Who is the author of the book - Speaking for myself : Cherie Blair

3. Whose pen name was Birbal : Mahesh Das
Birbal was a courtier in the Mughal court during Akbar`s reign. He was a confidant of Akbar and was one of the navaratnas who constituted Akbar`s inner committee of nine advisors. Birbal`s unique qualities,which made him a close friend of the king, are his wit and wisdom. Birbal, born in 1528 in the village of Ghoghara of Sihawal tehsil in the Sidhi district of Madhya Pradesh, was named Mahesh Das.

4.Women’s day celebrated on : 8th March.

5.Full form of BMD is : Ballistic Missile defence

6.What is the nationality of the architect of Chandigarh : French

7. Who won the Indian open Badminton championship : Thailand

8. Who is Berlusconi, who has been in the news recently : Prime Minister of Italy.

9. Where is Talchar : Orissa.

10. Question based on Laissez Faire : Industrial Economy