(Result) Baroda Manipal School of Banking 1st Batch : August 2011

Baroda Manipal School of Banking

Admission To Baroda Manipal School Of Banking First Batch August 2011:

Notification of Final Result

Refer: Detailed advertisement dated 25.04.2011 in leading newspapers / notification on our Bank’s website inviting applications for admission to Baroda Manipal School of Banking. An online test for the same was     conducted in May 2011 and GDs and Interviews of the candidates found successful in the online exam was conducted on different dates starting from 18.07.2011 to 29.07.2011.

On the basis of performance of the candidate in the online exam, Group Discussion and Personal Interview, we are releasing Roll numbers of -180- candidates who are found provisionally eligible for admission to the First Batch of the one year Full-time Post Graduate Diploma Course in Banking & Finance at Baroda Manipal School of Banking, Bangalore, on being found medically fit and verification of their eligibility / submission of requisite certificates / documents:-

BOB0000150 BOB0000417 BOB0000689 BOB0000765 BOB0000989 BOB0001097 BOB0001157
BOB0001684 BOB0002196 BOB0002249 BOB0002388 BOB0002391 BOB0002579 BOB0003207
BOB0003301 BOB0003764 BOB0004041 BOB0004067 BOB0004340 BOB0004404 BOB0004913
BOB0004962 BOB0005025 BOB0005178 BOB0005309 BOB0005384 BOB0005524 BOB0005579
BOB0005644 BOB0005718 BOB0005814 BOB0005959 BOB0006001 BOB0006029 BOB0006120
BOB0006253 BOB0006270 BOB0006613 BOB0006666 BOB0006735 BOB0007024 BOB0007177
BOB0007246 BOB0007505 BOB0007790 BOB0007807 BOB0007811 BOB0007898 BOB0008054
BOB0008549 BOB0008691 BOB0008780 BOB0009040 BOB0009145 BOB0009304 BOB0009323
BOB0009344 BOB0010368 BOB0010477 BOB0010614 BOB0011380 BOB0011511 BOB0011767
BOB0011980 BOB0011984 BOB0012243 BOB0012275 BOB0012479 BOB0012847 BOB0013090
BOB0013160 BOB0013162 BOB0013206 BOB0013276 BOB0013560 BOB0013774 BOB0014086
BOB0014179 BOB0014193 BOB0014469 BOB0014846 BOB0015226 BOB0015392 BOB0015463
BOB0015524 BOB0015602 BOB0015861 BOB0015875 BOB0016182 BOB0016190 BOB0016539
BOB0016673 BOB0016882 BOB0017047 BOB0017062 BOB0017077 BOB0017634 BOB0017897
BOB0017986 BOB0018003 BOB0018324 BOB0018586 BOB0018669 BOB0018670 BOB0019069
BOB0019105 BOB0019108 BOB0019572 BOB0019623 BOB0019757 BOB0019853 BOB0019933
BOB0019946 BOB0019947 BOB0020161 BOB0020357 BOB0020499 BOB0020951 BOB0021117
BOB0021497 BOB0021911 BOB0022477 BOB0022486 BOB0022733 BOB0022791 BOB0022815
BOB0022823 BOB0022844 BOB0023223 BOB0023471 BOB0023849 BOB0023851 BOB0024022
BOB0024150 BOB0024244 BOB0024274 BOB0024377 BOB0024906 BOB0025553 BOB0026307
BOB0026534 BOB0026976 BOB0027014 BOB0027043 BOB0027102 BOB0027410 BOB0027730
BOB0027784 BOB0027905 BOB0028115 BOB0028233 BOB0028511 BOB0028783 BOB0029062
BOB0029487 BOB0030063 BOB0030704 BOB0030917 BOB0031124 BOB0031211 BOB0031303
BOB0031641 BOB0031793 BOB0031826 BOB0031938 BOB0032468 BOB0033018 BOB0033038
BOB0033487 BOB0034111 BOB0034638 BOB0035236 BOB0035240 BOB0035526 BOB0036185
BOB0037127 BOB0037165 BOB0037365 BOB0037561 BOB0038271

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