SIDBI : Growth Capital & Equity Assistance Scheme for MSMEs

SIDBI : Growth Capital & Equity Assistance Scheme for MSMEs

Objective & Purpose:

To provide growth capital to deserving Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises as defined under MSMED Act 2006, for:

a) Bridging the gap in the means of finance for expansion/ modernization/ scaling up. New businesses/ diversification by entrepreneurs with established track record can be considered, selectively.

b) Intangibles or non-asset creating investments viz product development, marketing related expenditure, R&D, investments in quality control, energy efficiency equipment, etc.

c) Margin money for working capital or working capital on selective basis d) Any other bonafide expenditure required for growth of the business

Eligible customers:

The enterprise should be an MSME as per MSMED Act, 2006 at the time of application for assistance ; and fulfils any one of the following criteria :

a) 3 years profitability ; and
b) 2 year satisfactory banking track record ;
c) Preference will be given to Customers assisted by Private Equity investors / Venture Capital Funds / Angel funds

Instruments of assistance :

(i) Non-participatory Debt Products :
(a) Subordinated Debt (SD) viz. a debt based assistance which is subordinated to other secured debt and is quasi-equity in nature.

(ii) Participatory Debt Products

(a) Debt products with royalty participation
(b) Debt products with equity participation such as Optionally Convertible Debt (OCD), Optionally Convertible Subordinated Debt (OCSD) viz. Debt which is convertible to Equity alongwith Equity kickers

(iii) Equity based products viz. Optionally Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares (OCCPS)

Quantum of assistance :

  • Need based generally not below `25 lakh and subject to internal norms of SIDBI.

  • Upto 50% of post project tangible networth


a) Upto 7 years (including need based moratorium). Depending upon the cash flows and requirement of the customer, lower tenure can also be considered.
b) For equity investments, the exit should be proposed within the above period.
c) Repayment could be structured in a flexible manner based on the cashflows of the enterprise.

Rate of Interest (coupon rate) :

  • As per the prevailing rate structure of SIDBI based on internal rating

  • Generally, 2%-3% above SIDBI’s Prime Lending Rate.


  • The assistance shall generally be secured by first charge on tangible assets acquired out of assistance.

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