SIDBI : TIFAC - SIDBI, Technology Innovation Fund (SRIJAN Scheme)

SIDBI : TIFAC - SIDBI, Technology Innovation Fund (SRIJAN Scheme)

Objective :

To support MSMEs towards development, up-scaling, demonstration and commercialization of innovative technology based project. The Scheme will provide developmental loan at flexible terms & interest rate to encourage / promote development / innovation of new t e chnology / process / produc t and it s commercialization.

Eligible customers:

  • New / existing MSME units eligible for assistance from SIDBI.


Quantum of assistance:

1. Upto 80% of the project cost subject to maximum of ` 100 lakh.
2. Assistance more than ` 100 lakh may be considered selectively.

Eligible Project Cost :

  • Capital expenditure [land, building, plant & machinery, MFA, etc.]

  • Intangibles– patents/ copy rights / R&D / purchase of technology

  • Pre-operative expenses /Interest during construction period Working capital margin

  • Marketing / brand building expenses.

  • Contingencies

  • Any other head required for the project

Upfront Fee :

  • Not more than 0.5% of the sanctioned amount + service tax as applicable.

Instruments :

Term Loan

Rate of Interest:

  • Not more than 5% p.a

Repayment Period:

The loan repayment period including moratorium should generally not be more than 6 years from the date of the completion of the project.


  • First charge on assets (both moveable / immoveable) created under the project.

  • First / pari passu charge on other assets of the unit.

  • CGTMSE cover could be taken, wherever possible.

  • Personal guarantees of promoters.

Promoters contribution:

  • Minimum 20% of the project cost.

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