Current Affairs for BANK, IBPS Exams - 12 June 2022

Bank Exam Current Affairs

Current Affairs for BANK, IBPS Exams - 12 June 2022


Sagarmala Young Professional Scheme for engagement of Young Professionals in Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways

  • This scheme focuses on active on-the-ground learning for young professionals. The professionals will have the opportunity to learn about the functioning of the government as well as developmental policy concerns. Professionals will be required to deliver high-quality inputs in areas such as infrastructure, data analysis, project management, start-up, innovation, skill development, digital transformation and the environment, among others, in order to meet Ministry’s needs.
  • The scheme will foster active involvement of young people in decision-making. This will further contribute to social wellness at an individual level, by boosting self-esteem and a sense of empowerment, and bring about crucial benefits for societies such as an enhanced awareness for common concerns and a joint resolve to identify solutions that work in the long term.
  • Initially, more than 25 young professionals will be hired under this scheme. Professionals will be required to have qualification in B.E/ B.Tech, B. Planning and/or MBA or equivalent degree in relevant subject/ field and minimum three year of relevant work experience. Professionals in Accountancy, Finance, Legal, Statistics, Economics/Commerce, Data Analytics will also be engaged based on requirement of the Ministry. The initial period of engagement shall be 2 years  which can be extended to additional 2 years on the basis of performance
  • The advertisement inviting application will be posted on Web-Portal of the Ministry and National Career Service Portal of Ministry of Labour and Employment.
  • Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, Minister for Ports, Shipping and Waterways and AYUSH stated “Engaging young people in government initiatives can increase their understanding and interest in administrative functioning, as well as encourage active citizenship. It will also raise awareness about maritime sector among youth.”

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International Albinism Awareness Day

  • Albinism is a rare, non-contagious, genetically inherited difference present at birth. In almost all types of albinism, both parents must carry the gene for it to be passed on, even if they do not have albinism themselves. The condition is found in both sexes regardless of ethnicity and in all countries of the world. Albinism results in a lack of pigmentation (melanin) in the hair, skin and eyes, causing vulnerability to the sun and bright light. As a result, almost all people with albinism are visually impaired and are prone to developing skin cancer. There is no cure for the absence of melanin that is central to albinism.
  • While numbers vary, it is estimated that in North America and Europe 1 in every 17,000 to 20,000 people have some form of albinism. The condition is much more prevalent in sub-Saharan Africa, with estimates of 1 in 1,400 people being affected in Tanzania  and prevalence as high as 1 in 1,000 reported for select populations in Zimbabwe and for other specific ethnic groups in Southern Africa.
  • Health challenges of people living with albinism
  • The lack of melanin means persons with albinism are highly vulnerable to developing skin cancer. In some countries, a majority of persons with albinism die from skin cancer between 30 and 40 years of age. 
  • Skin cancer is highly preventable when persons with albinism enjoy their right to health. This includes access to regular health checks, sunscreen, sunglasses and sun-protective clothing. In a significant number of countries, these life-saving means are unavailable or inaccessible to them. Consequently, in the realm of development measures, persons with albinism have been and are among those “left furthest behind.” Therefore, they ought to be targeted for human rights interventions in the manner envisioned by the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Due to a lack of melanin in the skin and eyes, persons with albinism often have permanent visual impairment. They also face discrimination due to their skin colour; as such, they are often subject to multiple and intersecting discrimination on the grounds of both disability and colour.

DIPAM (Department of Investment & Public Asset Management) organized a conference on “Creating Wealth through Market”

  • In the context of "AzadiKaAmritMahotsav (AKAM)" celebrations, Department of Investment and Public Asset Management (DIPAM) has planned to organize a conference onthe theme “Creating Wealth through Market” as an iconic event in 75 cities across the country on Friday, i.e., 10th June, 2022 starting at 04:00 P.M.
  • DIPAM takes the initiative of educating and empowering people in 75 cities across India about investments and creating wealth as well as on the steps taken by the government for ensuring financial growth of her citizens.
  • The Conference programme includes live Inaugural Addresses by Hon’ble Finance Minister and Hon'ble Minister of State (Finance), followed by a session at the local venue in 75 cities with eminent speakers comprising of financial Experts/ Professionals/ Bankers/ Influencers etc.
  • Growth of Indian Capital Markets in the past 75 years.
  • Women as rising Independent Investors.
  • Role of Government and other Market players in improving Market Confidence.
  • Financial Literacy - a road to financial well-being.
  • Future of Indian capital markets i.e. Amritkaal.

New guidelines issued by the government to curb misleading advertisements; Surrogate ads banned

  • The government on  June 10 announced new guidelines to curb misleading advertisements and endorsers by banning surrogate ads, while imposing strict norms for those advertisements that seek to lure consumers offering discounts and free claims.
  • The new guidelines on "Prevention of Misleading Advertisements and Endorsements for Misleading Advertisements, 2022" also seeks to regulate advertisements targeting children.
  • The guidelines, notified by the consumer affairs ministry and that have come into force with immediate effect, also specify due diligence to be carried out while endorsing in advertisements.
  • Action against violation of the new guidelines will be taken as per the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), which provides for a penalty of Rs 10 lakh for first offence and Rs 50 lakh for subsequent contravention.
  • Announcing the guidelines, consumer affairs secretary Rohit Kumar Singh said, "Advertisements have great interest for consumers. Under the CCPA Act, there are provisions to handle misleading advertisements affecting consumers rights.
  • "But to make it more explicit, clear and aware to the industry, the government has come out with guidelines for fair advertising with effect from today," he said.
  • The guidelines will be applicable to advertisements published on all platforms like print, television and online.
  • Stating that these guidelines will not bring change overnight, the secretary said, however, it gives a framework for the industry stakeholders to prevent misleading ads even by mistake and will also empower consumers and consumer organisations to file complaints against misleading ads.


A chess knight named 'Thambi' was unveiled as the mascot of the 44th Chess Olympiad in Chennai in July-August 2022

  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin unveiled the mascot and the logo named ‘Thambi’ for FIDE Chess Olympiad in Chennai last evening.  ‘Thambi’ in Tamil means younger brother. The international event will be held at Mamallapuram near Chennai from 28th July to August 10.  Over two thousand players from 186 countries will be taking part in the event. The biggest ever contingent from India is playing in this edition.
  • AIR correspondent reports that Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin has tweeted saying it is an absolute honour for Chennai to host the 44th Chess Olympiad.
  • The Chess Olympiad torch will soon be taken around all the states in the country before being lit in the venue on the inaugural day of the event.

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