(Download) ICICI : Sample Question Paper for Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets


(Sample Test) : Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets

Quantitative Ability

A cube is divided into 8 equal cubes. Each of these cubes is further sub-divided into 8 equal cubes. If the original cube's sides are painted blue, then what is the probability that exactly 2 sides of a small cube is painted blue?

a. 3/4
b. 1/16
c. 1/4
d. 3/8

Balancing cards on one another where some are placed horizontally and others diagonally (slant fashion) is a popular trick of all magicians. 30 playing cards of length 12 cm and breadth 6 cm are used to build a pyramidal structure with 4 horizontal cards at the base. 8 cards are then put diagonally on these cards to give four peaks. 3 cards are then put on the 4 peaks. The process continues till the top is a peak made by 2 cards. Find the area covered by the front side of the pyramid.

a. 360 √3 cm2
b. 576 √3 cm2
c. 288 √3 cm2
d. 180 √3 cm2

Analytical and Reasoning Skills

Complete the following sequence.
7, 26, 63, 124, (?)
a. 175
b. 200
c. 150
d. 215

Study the statements and the two conclusions and state if:-
(A) Only conclusion 1 follows
(B) Only conclusion 2 follows
(C) Both conclusions 1 and 2 follow
(D) Neither 1 or 2 follow

Rising Temperature is a major concern. The sales of air conditioners have been increasing every year.

1. Rising Temperature has led to increase in the sales of air conditioners.
2. Air conditioners have become cheaper.
a. B
b. C
c. D
d. A

Language Proficiency

Identify the underlined part that has an error (of grammar usage, word choice or idiom) as your answer. No sentence has more than one error. His battle plan was to besieged the castle, so that all four sides can be attacked.
a. besieged
b. was to
c. so that
d. be attacked

General Knowledge of Financial Market

This is not an OPEC country
b.Saudi Arabia

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