(Download) SBI PO Recruitment Exam Solved Paper - General Awareness


Solved Paper: SBI PO Recruitment Exam (General Awareness)

1. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got Independence?
(a) Harold Wilson
(b) Lloyd George
(c) Chamberlain
(d) Clement Atlee
Ans : D

2. The Acharya who established in all the four corners of India
(a) Ramanuja
(b) Sankara
(c) Madhava
(d) Vallabha
Ans : B

3. Sir C.V. Raman was the first Nobel Laureate in Physics from the Indian Sub-continent. Who was the second?
(a) Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam
(b) Dr.S.S.Bhatnagar
(c) Dr.Hargovind Khorana
(d) Prof.Abdus Salam of Pakistan
Ans : D

4. Free India First Education Minister was
(a) M.C. Chagla
(b) Maulana Kalam Azad
(c) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai
(d) N.G.Ayyangar
Ans : B

5. Who was the first Viceroy of India ?
(a) Lord Clive
(b) Lord Warren Hastings
(c) Lord Canning
(d) Lord Cornwallis
Ans : C