IBPS Clerk Prelims Online Question Paper - 2018 (Numerical Ability)


IBPS Clerk Prelims Online Question Paper - 2018 (Numerical Ability)

 Subject : Numerical Ability

46. What was the ratio of item sold by P on Saturday & items sold by Q on Sunday?
A. 9:11 
B. 10:13
C. 8:11 
D. 9:13
E. None of them

47. Items sold by P on Tuesday is what percent of item sold by S on Sunday?
A. 140% 
B. 130%
C. 120% 
D. 125%
E. None of these

48. What is the average of the items sold by P, Q and S on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday respectively?
A. 33 
B. 35
C. 28 
D. 30
E. None

49. Find the ratio of item sold by P on Saturday and Sunday to item sold by S on Monday & Tuesday?
A. 17:16 
B. 14:11
C. 16:17 
D. 17:15
E. None of these

50. Q sold certain items on Wednesday which was 80% of the total items sold by Q on Saturday and Sunday both. find the items sold by Q on Wednesday.
A. 86 
B. 66
C. 76 
D. 56
E. None of these

51. A sum becomes 5 times of itself on simple interest in 5 years. What is the rate of interest?
A. 100% 
B. 80%
C. 40% 
D. 20%
E. 60%

52. A passenger train that runs at the speed of 78 km/h leaves the station 8 hours after the goods train left and overtakes it is 5 hours. What is the speed of goods train?
A. 15 km/h 
B. 30 km/h
C. 60 km/h 
D. 13 km/h
E. 72 km/h

53. In a class of 40 students, the number of boys is 4 more than the number of girls. The average weight of the entire class is 48.4 KGs. If the average weight of girls is 44 KGs, what is the average weight of boys?
A. 50 kg 
B. 51 kg
C. 52 kg 
D. 53 kg
E. None of these

54. Sum of the speed of the boat in upstream and downstream is 36km/h. The speed of the stream is 3km/h. find the time taken to cover the 52.5 km upstream, assume the speed of the boat in still water is constant throughout.
A. 3 hours 
B. 4 hours
C. 3.5 hours 
D. 4.5 hrs
E. None of these

55. A man invested 15% of his monthly income in LIC and the remaining amount gave to his mother. Her mother spent 10% of it in household expenditure and thus she saved Rs.30,600, then find the monthly salary of the man.
A. 41500 
B. 42800
C. 43400 
D. 40000
E. None of these

56. In a city, 68% population is literate in which the ratio of the number of males and the number of females is 11:6. And if the number of illiterate males to the number of illiterate females ratio is 3:1. Find the ratio of literate female to illiterate female.
A. 1:3 
B. 2:1
C. 3:1 
D. 2:3
E. None of these

57. A is 1.5 times more efficient than B and C is two times efficient than A. A and B take 7(1/2) days to complete the work. How many days will B & C take to complete the work together?
A. 4(1/6) days 
B. 5(2/3) days
C. 5(5/6) days 
D. 3(5/6) days
E. None of these

58. In an exam if 7 marks given for right Answer and 4 marks deducted for wrong Answer and total marks given to a student is 263, then how many right Answer given by student if total attempts is 58?
A. 44 
B. 45
C. 42 D. 40
E. None of these

59. The difference between Circumference of circle A and diameter is 90 cm. If Radius of Circle B is 7 cm less than A then find area of Circle B?
A. 616 cm2 
B. 308 cm2
C. 77 cm2 
D. 49 cm2
E. None of these




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