Sample Material About Comprehension for SBI PO

Sample Material About Comprehension for SBI PO

Comprehension is an important part of the SBI PO Descriptive Paper. The nature of Comprehension part is such that- you can score good in this section, by giving an appropriate amount of time in the exam hall.

The main purpose of comprehension section is to evaluate the comprehension skills of the candidate. Since you are taking the exams for such a prestigious and responsible job, it is necessary that the candidate's comprehensive ability are good.

Thus, the questions of the comprehension section are not of academic or highly critical type. Rather, the questions of comprehension section are simply based on the given passage. You can score well if you are able to grasp the meaning and content of the passage in a couple of readings, and connect what you have read, with what the questions ask.

Generally, the questions are direct and does not require much brainstorming.

However, the catch in the comprehension section is that, you cannot afford to spend too much time in reading the passage, or you would fall short of the time to solve the whole paper.

The purpose of the comprehension section is to evaluate your ability to comprehend the given material in a limited time. Thus, it is your time management, that is being tested indirectly. Given an unlimited amount of time, anyone can solve the questions of comprehension section. However, what makes a difference between different candidates is the quality of time management.

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