Sample Material For Comprehension Practice Assignment 1 for SBI PO

Sample Material For Comprehension Practice Assignment 1 for SBI PO

Dear Candidate,

here is the first Comprehension practice assignment for you to practice on your writing skills.

Please read carefully and write the answers for the given Passage.

Comprehension Passage

Direction : Read the following passage and answer the following questions.

Trees are a vital part of our life. The cutting of trees means cutting short the human life. Trees not only provides us things such as fuel, fodder, gum and wood for furniture but also help in reducing the atmospheric pollution by maintaining the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance on earth. Trees also provide us fruits and medicine and a habitat to wildlife which is also considered important for man’s survival on earth. Trees don’t allow the upper fertile layer of the soil to blow or flow away. Thus, they protect the soil from erosion. They cause rain but they also save us from floods. Keeping in mind the benefits of trees all of us should join hands and dedicate ourselves to planting more and more trees with ever-increasing enthusiasm. If human being only understand clearly that mankind will survive on this planet only as long as trees are there, the rest will follow as man’s activities will automatically get directed to going trees and protecting them against the danger of getting destroyed.

1. Answer the following questions.

1). What are the major benefits of trees?

2). How trees help in reducing the pollution?

3). How are trees helpful to wildlife?

4). How long will human survive on planet?

5). Why should man grow more and more trees?

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