Sample Material For Comprehension Practice Assignment 2 for SBI PO

Sample Material For Comprehension Practice Assignment 2 for SBI PO

Dear Candidate,

here is the second Comprehension practice assignment for you to practice on your writing skills.

Please read carefully and write the answers for the given Passage.

Comprehension Passage

Read the following passage and answer the following questions.

Sight is our most precious sense and many people fear blindness more than they fear any other disability. Eye, the organ of sight is our most important organ for locating and observing the world around us. We use our eyes in almost everything we do ---reading, working, watching movies and television, playing games and countless other activities.

The human eyeball measures only about 25min in diameter. Yet the eye can see objects as far away as a star and as tiny as a grain of stand. The eye can quickly adjust its focus between a distant point and a near one.

1. Answer the following questions.

1). What is our most precious sense?

2). Which disability the people fear most?

3). What is the chief function of the organ of sight?

4). Name a few activities in which we use our eyes.

5). What is the average measurement of the human eyeball?

6). How can the eye see distant and near objects immediately one after the other?

7). Assign a suitable heading to the passage.

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You would be getting more practice assignments in the coming classes. In the meanwhile, you might practice on your writing skills for different sections of the paper.

We wish the candidates, All the Best!!