(Download) Canara Bank Placement Question Paper HR /Technical Interview Questions


Canara Bank Placement Question Paper HR /Technical Interview Questions

Total 25 people on a day were divided into morning and afternoon sessions. Time taken for each candidate was 20- 25 minutes and there were 4 HR panel members .

Q. What do you think about unionism attitude?
Q. Tell the names of all subjects studied in Mca.
Q. 3 favorite subjects; then Qs on each

Topics DBMS, AI, Networks (Think Carefully about these before appearing for the Canara Bank or other Bank Interviews)

Name types of dbms -- Difference between hierarchial and relational structure in dbms?

Q - what else have you learnt in dbms?
Q - what is data integrity?
Q - what have you learnt in AI?
Q - Define artifitial intelligence and neural networks?
Q - Say someting about n/ws?
Q - How many layers r there in osi model?
Q - Name them?
Q - Which is your favourite layers?
Ans- Transport layer.

Q - Say something about trans layer?
Q - What projects have you done?
Q - Write first 10 lines of code of your project & explain them ?
Q - Can you be a team leader inspite of being a fresher?
Q - Can you be a team member?
Q - What do you want to become - a manager or a leader?
Q - Will you do a job that you dont find interesting but your team leader is excited about? what if its data entry?
Q - What is your principle "work out of pleasure or pleasure out of work"Why Canara bank?"
Ans - You are forerunner in IT services. you have implemented Red Hat Linux open office. They are surprised . This is official and internal matter how did u know.