(Download) Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. Recruitment Sample Paper Administrative Officer: Set-I

(Download) Oriental Insurance Company Ltd. Recruitment Sample Paper Administrative Officer: Set-I

Below are some sample paper for the said exam. Though the level of difficulty may vary in the exam. However, the basis and the pattern will remain the same. As not many exam of oriental Insurance have taken in the past so there no sure pattern, but believe me this question paper will have more or less same set of questions as below. We are also trying to chalk out more sample paper for other different section. They would be uploaded as soon as they are available. All the best and keep practicing. Hard and fast. And o remember that such exams are all about speed but speed should not come at the cost of accuracy.

Directions: In this Section you have Six short passages. After each passage you will find several questions based on the passage. First, read Passage-I, and answer the questions based on it. Then go on to the other passages.


The martyrs who laid down their lives for the freedom of the country, had a lofty vision of the future. They wanted the nation to be free from all the slavery and bondage. They wanted an India in which all the communities would live in perfect harmony and in which there would be no high class and no low class of people, the curse of untouchability having been wiped out completely. Women would enjoy equal rights with men and contribute their fullest to the making of a great nation. Such a vision was in keeping with the ancient glory of the country renowned for its splendid achievements in literature, art and culture.

We must now revitalise this ancient culture of ours with tolerance as its masthead. If we forget or cease to take pride in our noble heritage, we shall have to face severe indictment in the court of history which is a ruthless judge and seldom spares the erring people.

1. The martyrs who died for the freedom of India wanted:
(a) the country to be the strongest nation in the world
(b) the country to rule over the other nations
(c) the country to be free from slavery
(d) the people to give up their antiquated customs

2. These martyrs wanted that:
(a) there should be reservation in the jobs for the backward sections of the society
(b) there should be perfect communal love and peace in the country
(c) the old caste-system should be retained in the future
(d) the women should look after their families only 

3. We must strive with our total commitment to: 
(a) defeat and overcome the enemies of the nation
(b) revitalise our rich past culture
(c) inject scientific temper into our past culture
(d) make scientific advancements

4. Our freedom-fighters envisioned that in free India:
(a) there would be an egalitarian society
(b) women would enjoy higher privileges and rights than others
(c) the country would be taken forward by some selected classes of the society
(d) industrialisation should occupy the top priority