(Paper) SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam Paper Held on 3rd June 2012 (Marketing Aptitude/Computer Knowledge)

(Paper) SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam Paper Held on 3rd June 2012

(Marketing Aptitude/Computer Knowledge)

1. Marketing of Services is adopted in ___________
(a) Grocery stores
(b) Garment trade
(c) Medicine shops
(d) Fruit stall
(e) Hotels

2. Selling is ________
(a) Same as marketing
(b) More than Marketing
(c) Offering discounts
(d) A sub-function of marketing
(e) Nothing to do with marketing

3. Indirect marketing is the same as ________
(a) Onsite selling
(b) Using a smart-phone
(c) Viral marketing
(d) Advertisements
(e) Online marketing

4. Benchmark means _______
(a) A Standard value for comparison
(b) Basic products
(c) Court cases
(d) Financial targets
(e) Sales person’s targets

5. A Call in marketing terms means ________
(a) A newly introduced product
(b) Territory allocation for sales persons
(c) A Call Centre
(d) A sales meeting
(e) To visit a Prospect

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6. A Cold Call means _______
(a) A futile exercise
(b) Calls made in cold countries
(c) Sales talk
(d) Old product with new wrapping
(e) Calls made without prior appointment

7. A Lead means _______
(a) ATM usage
(b) Products offering
(c) Document sales
(d) A likely buyer
(e) A type of credit card

8. ‘To Close a Call’ means _______
(a) To look for new clients
(b) Telemarketing
(c) To clinch the sales deal
(d) Online marketing
(e) Indoor marketing

9. Delivery channels means ________
(a) Place from where the products are sold
(b) Courier service
(c) Distribution agencies
(d) Delivery time
(e) Offsite banking

10. Market size also means ______
(a) Market planning
(b) Market pricing
(c) Market space
(d) Market distribution
(e) Market channels

11. A fall in the market share implies ________
(a) Sales have gone up
(b) Profit has gone up
(c) Prices are erratic
(d) Competition has increased
(e) Business is would up

12. Market share can be increased by increasing ______
(a) Raw material cost
(b) The staff strength
(c) The sales
(d) The sales staff
(e) Competition

13. More number of conversions indicates ________
(a) More sales
(b) More purchases
(c) More staff
(d) More products
(e) More technological progress

14. Financial Inclusion means __________
(a) Financial statements
(b) Financial data
(c) Wholesale Banking
(d) Retail Banking
(e) Bringing all poor people under banking net

15. Find the correct sentence _________
(a) KYC norms are not applicable for Financial Inclusion
(b) Loans can be granted to students at low rate of interest
(c) Home loans are not useful for public
(d) NRI customers are not profitable customers
(e) Online marketing is very costly

16. Margin contribution in the case of a loan account means _________
(a) Money paid by bank to borrower
(b) Same as EMI
(c) Borrower’s own contribution for the venture
(d) Stamp duty
(e) Registration charges

17. Mutual Fund business from existing bank customers can be mobilized by _______
(a) Online marketing
(b) Cross-selling
(c) Telemarketing
(d) Carpet bombing
(e) Road-shows

18. Digital Marketing is the same as__________
(a) Online marketing
(b) Cross-selling
(c) Website designing
(d) Road-shows
(e) Door-to-door marketing

19. “Load” means _______
(a) Log of wood
(b) Free charged when one buys or sells the units of a fund
(c) Share price at the time of buying
(d) Stamp duty
(e) Fund value

20. In a Savings Account, money can be deposited on ________
(a) Monthly basis
(b) As per the convenience of the depositor
(c) Annual basis
(d) In one lump sum
(e) Quarterly basis

21. The input device to be used to get a printed diagram into a computer is the _______
(a) Printer
(b) Mouse
(c) Keyboard
(d) Touchpad
(e) Scanner

22. What type of device is a computer mouse?
(a) Storage
(b) Output
(c) Software
(d) Input
(e) Input / Output

23. Any component of the computer you can see and touch_______
(a) Software
(b) Peripheral
(c) Storage
(d) CPU
(e) Hardware

24. What is the value of the binary number 101?
(a) 3
(b) 5
(c) 6
(d) 101
(e) 9

25. Data or information used to run the computer is called _______
(a) Software
(b) Hardware
(c) Peripheral
(d) CPU
(e) None of these

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