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PY - 2015

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Use of money makes exchange process efficient and quick. It eliminates enormous costs and delay involved in searching for the double coincidence of wants which is an essential feature of the barter economy. Due to the smooth exchange system and market mechanism created by the use of money, the need to produce all goods which one may require is eliminated. Incomes are received and measured in terms of money. The function of money as an asset is the direct result of one of the most important properties of money, namely, its liquidity. People tend to keep money balances as a representative part of their real income (the value stored) in anticipation of future monetary transactions. Money, in fact, is held to bridge over the period between receipt of income and its expenditure. As such, money is a link between the present and the future. It serves as a store of value because it has purchasing power and its exchange utility can be used at any time. Money also plays a dynamic role in determining economic trends. It plays a very active and highly important part in the economic system by influencing the general level of process. Its volume and velocity, whether the motivation comes from the state itself or from the general public, can lead to a rise or fall in the general price level.

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