(Paper) RBI Grade 'B' Officer Mains (Phase II) Exam - 2010 "Economic & Social Issues"

RBI Grade 'B' Officer Mains (Phase II) Exam - 2010

Economic & Social Issues

Common Instructions

  • 3 hours, 100 marks

  • Answer any five questions.

  • All questions carry equal marks.

  • Answers may be written either in English or in Hindi at the candidate’s option. However, all the questions should be answered only in the language so chosen. Answer-books written partly in English and partly in Hindi will not be evaluated.

  • Part of the same question must be answered together without answers to other questions intervening.

  • Answer to each question must be started on a fresh page.

  • Marks will be deducted if handwriting is not easily legible.

  • Answers will be judged on the basis of perspective, analysis and presentation


  1. (a) ' Inequality of income distribution is a global phenomenon '. Discuss.
    (b) Suggest suitable measures to reduce inequality of income in rural and urban sector in India.

  2. Examine the impact of policy of liberalization on rural and urban employment and poverty.

  3. (a) Critically evaluate India's Free Trade Policy in the post reform period.
    (b) Explain the recent developments in the exchange rate of rupee.

  4. ' Development projects are considered as temples of modern India '. Justify your answer with reference to their impact on environment and health.

  5. (a) What are the objectives of population policy of India?
    (b) Describe briefly the government programme for stable population.

  6. (a) Review the role of regional political parties in different states.
    (b) In the age of coalition parties do they consider politics as a family business '. Discuss.

  7. (a) Explain the role of National Human Rights Commission in the protection of human rights.
    (b) Justify the need of reservation for SC, ST and other backward classes.

  8. Review the achievements and failures of Indian planning in reaching its targets and policies.

  9. (a) Discuss the problems associated with urbanization and rural-urban migration.
    (b) What are the policies adopted by the government to solve them?

  10. Write notes on any two of the following
    (a) Unorganized sector in India.
    (b) Micro credit and Women empowerment.
    (c) Weaknesses in India's higher education.
    (d) Various forms of Regional Integration.



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