(Paper) RBI Grade 'B' Officer Mains Exam Paper III - 2011 "Finance And Management"

RBI Grade 'B' Officer Mains Exam Paper III - 2011

Finance And Management

Common Instructions:

(1) Attempt any three questions from Section I and any two questions from Section II.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.
(3) Answers must be brief and to-the-point.
(4) Answers may be written either in English or in Hindi at the candidate’s option. However, all the questions should be answered only in the language so chosen. Answer-books written partly in English and partly in Hindi will not be evaluated.

Section I

1. What is meant by merchant banking ? Discuss in detail the various functions performed by merchant bankers.

2. Briefly explain the salient features of the Foreign Exchange Management Act.

3. “ A tax is a burden on the present ; a debt (loan) puts the burden of repayment on future generations.” Explain.

4. Explain in detail the different methods of credit control in India.

5. (a) What is securitization ? What purpose does it serve ?
(b) Discuss the benefits and limitations of securitization.

Section II

6. “ Sound organization is an essential prerequisite of efficient management.” Explain.

7. What are the major differences between autocratic, democratic and abdicative styles of leadership ?
(a) Explain the terms “ authority ” and “ responsibility ”.
(b) What is delegation of authority ? How can delegation be made effective ?

9. Discuss the role of communication in an organization. What are the barriers to effective communication ?

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