RBI Recruitment Exams Sample Papers for Gr-B-DR-Gen (Previous Year - 2010: English Paper-I)

R.B.I.S.B. (Gr-B-DR-Gen) PY - 2010


1. Write an argumentative essay of about 500 words, on anyone of the following :-

(a) Does Politics need Ethics?
(b) Cricket unites the World!
(c) Do Growth and Inflation go together?
(d) Is Environment our Social Responsibility?
(e) Travel and Tourism is a booming business.

2. (a) Make a precis of the following pa;:;sage in your own words, reducing it to about 220 words and give it a suitable title. Write your precis on the special sheet provided for the purpose :-

FOR the head of the IMF to quote Adam Smith may seem unremarkable. But here is Dominique Strauss-Kahn citing the great man in November 2010 : " The disposition to admire, and almost to worship, the rich and the powerful and ...neglect persons of poor and mean condition,..is the great and most universal cause ofthe corruption of our mora1 sentiments."

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