(Paper) RBI Grade 'B' Officer Mains Exam Phase I - 2015

RBI Grade 'B' Officer Mains Exam Phase I - 2015

1. Who amongst the following has recently been appointed as the first male member of the National Commission for Women (NCW)?

A. Former Cabinet Secretary Adak Rawat

B. Former Governor of Four States Arvind Dave

C. Former Bureaucrat Ashok Bala

D. Former Secretary Dr. Ajay Dua

E. Former Corporate Professional Alok Goyal

2. The 'RTGS’ is the fastest mode of money transfer in the Indian financial system. The alphabet ‘T’ in the abbreviation RTGS stands for . ...........

A. Transfer

B. Turnover

C. Total

D. Time  

E. Term

3. Which of the following is an independent commodity exchange based in Mumbai, India?

A. MEX  





4. RBI has recently announced a ‘Gold Monetisation Scheme’ that allows individuals, trusts and mutual funds to deposit gold with banks and earn an interest on it. The minimum deposit under the scheme shall be raw gold of 995 fineness, equivalent to. ......

A. 30 grams

B. 80 grams

C. 50 grams

D. 20 grams

E. 75 grams

5. Who amongst the following has recently (October 2015) been elected as BCCI President?

A. Shashank Manohar

B. Biswarup Dey

C. Avishek Dalmiya

D. Rajiv Shukla

E. Rahul Dravid

6. 'Harish Salve' is one of India's leading. ........

A. Economists

B. Town Planners

C. Lawyers

D. Diplomats.

E. Cardiologists

7. The 43-year old ‘Justin Trudeau' has recently been elected as the 13 Prime Minister of............

A. Sweden

B. Australia

C. Canada

D. Denmark

E. France  

8. 'Deepika Kumari' is associated with the sport of . ...

A. Arm Wrestling

B. Aerobatics

C. Air Racing

D. Archery

E. Aquatics

9. As per Census 2011, the population of India was 1.21 billion. Over the last ten, years from 2001, it increased by . ..........approximately

A. 188 million

B. 161 million

C. 181 million

D. 191 million

E. 151 million

10. ‘ECS’ is a term associated with the. .........

A. Banking industry

B. Insurance industry

C. Mutual and find business

D. Capital Market transactions

E. Microfinance activity

11. The repayment of a loan is done by paying EMI to the bank. The alphabet 'E.' in the abbreviation 'EMI' stands for . .......

A. Equivalent

B. Equivalence

C. Equal

D. Equated  

E. Equalized

12. Which of the following Scheduled Commercial Banks commenced its operations in October 2015?

A. HDFC Bank

B. Kotak Mahindra Bank


D. IDFC Bank

E. Bandhan Bank

13. The 'Ganges' also known as 'Ganga’ is a trans-boundary river of Asia which flows through the nations of India and. ...

A. Nepal

B. Myanmar

C. Bhutan

D. Bangladesh

E. Pakistan

14. The State of Karnataka is generally referred to as the ‘Cradle of Banking’ in India. Which of the following leading Public-Sector Banks did not originate from the State?

A. Vijaya Bank

B. Canara Bank

C. Corporation Bank

D. Indian Overseas Bank

E. Syndicate Bank  

15. The ‘Bibi ka Maqbara’ built by Azam Shali, son of Auranbzeb, in 1678, in memory of his mother, Diras Banu Begum, is situated in the Indian city of. .......

A. Hyderabad,


B. Aurangabad, Maharashtra

C. New Delhi

D. Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

E. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

16. The currency of Tajikistan is:

A. Somoni

B. Kuna

C. Krone

D. Peso   

E. Rial

17. The Government of India has recently launched 'Housing for All programme wherein it is envisaged to build 2 crore houses by the year . ........

A. 2021

B. 2018  

C. 2022  

D. 2017  

E. 2020  

18. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently (on October 28, 2015) held a townhall question and answer session at the. .....

A. Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi

B. Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi

C. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

D. Indian institute of Technology (IIT), New Delhi

E. Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), Delhi

19. Though usually 'Bharat Ratna' is conferred on Indian Citizens, in 1980, it has been awarded to one naturalized citizen namely:

A. C. Rajagopalachari

B. Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

C. J.R.D Tata

D. Mother Teresa

E. Nielson Mandela

20. The recently launched ‘Nai Manzil is a programme aimed at education as well as skill development amongst the . .......

A. Professionals and self-employed

B. Farmer and agriculturalists

C. Other than those given as options

D. Artisans and College Industries

E. Minority Communities 



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