RBI Recruitment Exams Sample Papers for RO-DEPR (Previous Year - 2012 : ENGLISH )

R.B.I.S.B. (Officer in Grade-'B' - DEPR) PY - 2012


1. Write an essay of about 500 words on any one of the following topics.

(a) The impact of shopping malls on young people.
(b) One hundred years of Indian Cinema.
(c) The multifarious note of a woman.
(d) Can the honest stand out against the corrupt ?
(e) Cybercrimes in banking sector.

2. (a) Make a precis of the following passage reducing it to about 250 words and give it a suitable title. Write the precis on the sheet provided for this purpose :—

The cries for investor education have become shriller in the past few weeks. Without an understanding of the context in which we except people to learn finance, we may not go too far. The first lession to teach is about risk. We have to do this with empathy for the cultural context in which we have lent and borrowed money. We continue to shift the blame when a crisis hits us because we are not trained to deal with risk.

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