RBI Recruitment Exams Sample Papers for RO-DPER (Previous Year - 2011: DESCRIPTIVE TYPE ON STATISTICS)

R.B.I.S.B. (Officer in Grade-'B' - DEPR) PY - 2011


1. (a) Discuss in brief the objectives of India’s current foreign trade policy (2009-14).\

(b) Discuss in brief the causes and consequences of recent world economic depression.

2. (a) The 2011 census has brought out the fact of rapid urbanization in India. Discuss the possible consequences.

(b) What has been the significance of the services sector as a driver for economic growth in India since 1990’s ?

3. Examine in detail the nature and causes of the recent inflation experience in India and suggest an appropriate policy response.

4. (a) What is the significance of agriculture to the Indian economy today ?

(b) Discuss the trade-off between environment and economic development in the light of India’s experience of economic development since 1990.

5. What according to you should be the major thrust of policy in order to achieve high economic growth along with significant employment generation ?

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