RBI Recruitment Exams Sample Papers for RO-DISM (Previous Year - 2012: ENGLISH )

R.B.I.S.B. (Officer in Grade-'B' - DISM) PY - 2012


1. Write an argumentative essay of about 500 words on any one of the following :—

(a) The disconnect between Indian higher education and social requirements.
(b) Have Malls changed urban lifestyle in India ?
(c) Corruption is a blight on democratic society.
(d) The Indian woman is extremely vulnerable today.
(e) Is the concept of India as an economic superpower in 2020 a mirage ?

2. (a) Make a précis of the following passage in your own words reducing it to about 200 words, and give it a suitable title. Use the special sheet provided for this purpose :—

The global economic slump has crimped India’s growth, but the larger constraints are within the country. It is essential that an environment be created that is conducive to investments, and for that, it is necessary to urgently remove impediments to the implementation of projects and policies in the country.

The imperatives that can propel growth are : develop infrastructure at a brisk pace, attract more FDI, develop manufacturing capacities, increase employment rapidly and improve the delivery of social sector schemes. This can only happen with enhanced investment in infrastructure and manufacturing.

Investors appear to have money for investment. Even Indian corporations have money though they appear more willing to invest abroad rather than at home. Public sector companies too have money stashed around. Investments in the new project in the country have dwindled not because there is no money to invest, but because it is difficult to get things done at the ground level.

There are numerous reasons why India’s manufacturing sector has not grown as fast as it could. These include the poor state of power and transport. infrastructures, the red-tape led business regulatory environment, inadequate flow and high cost of credit for the SME sector and the hurdles to overcome in the procurement of land

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