RBI Recruitment Exams Sample Papers for RO-DISM (Previous Year - 2016: ENGLISH)

R.B.I.S.B. (Officer in Grade-'B' - DISM) PY - 2016


1. Write an argumentative essay of about 500 words on any one of the following :––

(a) Judgment delayed inordinately is judgment denied permanently.
(b) Can an involvement by the corporate sector in higher education realign it to the needs of our society ?
(c) Despite laudable individual efforts, Child labour in India, remains a national disgrace.
(d) Has the service sector contributed to the process of economic development in India ?
(e) Monetary policy is not a panacea for long term economic challenges.

2. (a) Make a Precis of the following passage in your own words reducing it to about 200 words, and give it a suitable title. Use the special sheet provided for this purpose :––

Drawing comparisons with the fall of the Berlin Wall ushering in the symbolic end of Socialism, economists read recent events as perhaps signals that ill usher in the end of the high tide of globalization.

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