(Paper) SBI Clerk Exam Paper - 2008 (General Awareness)

(Paper) SBI Clerk Exam Paper - 2008


1. Which among the following activities cannot be considered a common activity of a general Bank customer?

1) Use of tele-banking
2) Use of ATMs
3) Start of EFT facility
4) Use of Banker's cheque
5) Increase or decrease in PLR and announcement of credit policy

2. Who amongst the following is the author of the book "The Future of Freedom" published recently?

1) Peter Hudson
2) Richard Wolfee
3) Tamara Lipper
4) Fared Zakaria
5) None of these

3. Indian Constitution has given some liberties to its citizens. Which of the following is NOT TRUE about it. Citizen is free to the liberty of

1) his expression and speech
2) to gather peacefully without arms
3) to purchase land and property in any party of the country
4) to do business in any trade in the list prepared by Indian Government
5) to form associations or unions

4. According to "India Vision 2020", India is trying to give full employment till 2020. Then how many employments should be created every year?

1) One million
2) Two million
3) Five million
4) Ten million
5) None of these

5. High rates of interest in a low inflation regime-

1) attract people to make more and more investments
2) discourage people to make an investment
3) create atmosphere for capital formation
4) are not favourable for credit expansion
5) None of these




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6. For the distinguished work in which field 'Kalidas Samman' is presented?

1) Games and Sports
2) Science and Technology
3) Music
4) Social Service
5) None of these

7. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) has been raised recently by Reserve Bank of India (RBI). what is the rule of CRR in the country's economy especially in Banking Sector?

A. It helps to control the inflation
B. It plays a great role in Banking Sector
C. It plays a great role for banks in the Interest rates

1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only A and B
4) Only C
5) All A, B and C

8. A resident Indian wishes to invest some money in a foreign company who does not have any office/representative in India. What are the options available to him/her? Pick up the best option.

A. Open of foreign currency account in a bank in that country
B. Send the money to some one known to him/her in that country
C. Open account in a foreign bank in India whose branch is in that country

1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only A and C
4) Only A and B
5) None of these

9. What are the options available to a foreign bank willing to enter the Indian Market?

A. Open a branch in India.
B. Launch a wholly-owned subsidiary
C. Acquire upto 90 percent stake in a private sector bank

1) Only A
2) Only B
3) Only A and C
4) Only A and B
5) None of these

10. As per the reports published in the newspapers the E-Commerce is growing very fast. Which of the following is most preferred? (Pick up the area which is attracting maximum clientele.)

1) Travel & Ticket
2) Gifts
3) Jobsites
4) Books
5) None of these

11. Which of the following sectors is NOT considered 'Infrastructure Sector"?

1) Software
2) Cement
3) Petroleum
4) Steel
5) Power Generation

12. Which among the following terms is not related to Banking?

1) Cash Reserve Ratio
2) Currency Exchange
3) Zero Hour
4) Bank Rate
5) Repo Rate

13. Formation of several Advisory Committees of the Parliament was in the news recently. Who among the following forms the Advisory Committees?

1) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
2) Vice-President of India
3) Minister of Parliamentary Affairs
4) President of India
5) None of these

14. Which among the following is an international River?

1) Brahmaputra
2) Cauvery
3) Krishna
4) Narmada
5) Mahanadi

15. The 'Maiti Movement' a movement to promote the habit of cultivation, is initiated by the women folk of

1) Uttarakhand
2) Himachal Pradesh
3) Uttar Pradesh
4) Punjab
5) West Bengal

16. Which of the following is considered one of the major reasons of Global Warming or heating of Earth's surface which is at increase these days?

1) Distance between the Sun and Earth has reduced by about 45,000 kms. in the last 1000 years
2) A big unidentified celestial object is approaching Earth very fast. The radiation from it is making the Earth's surface warmer
3) Carbon pollution from fossil fuels traps the Sun's heat instead of letting it radiate back safely out into space
4) Sun has become slightly cooler by several degrees centigrade and is not able to reabsorb the heat radiation back as it used to do earlier
5) None of these

17. As per the reports published in the newspapers the average price to Earnings (P/E) Ratio has fallen down in past few days. This implies that

1) investors are willing to pay much less for equity now
2) investors are willing to pay more for equity now
3) investors are not in mood to invest in equity now
4) investors want to withdraw their investment in equity with immediate effect
5) None of these

18. Which of the following organisations/ banks has created a Rs. 50,000/- crores Rural Development Fund known as Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Narayan Fund?

1) State Bank of India
2) ICICI Bank
5) UTI

19. At which place representatives of around 50 countries met in November 2007 to revive the Israel-Palestinian peace process and deal with other sources of tension in West Asia?

1) Helsinki
2) Annapolis
3) Sichuan
4) Berne
5) None of these

20. Who among the following was made the chairman of the newly constituted 13th Finance Commission recently?

1) Kamalesh Sharma
2) M Sundaram
3) Vijay L. Kelkar
4) Arun Bhatnagar
5) None of these

21. Ms. Zhang Zilin was crowned Miss World 2007 in December 2007 in the beauty peagent held in Sanya. Ms. Zilin is native of

1) Angola
2) Mexico
3) Phillippines
4) Ecuador
5) China

22. The pilot and commander of B-29 that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan during Second World War died recently in USA. He was

1) Paul Tibbets
2) Joseph Stewart
3) Robert Maxwell
4) Brad Wikinson
5) None of these

23. Danilo Turk defeated his rival former Prime Minister Lojze Peterle in the elections held recently to become the third President of which country

1) Venezuela
2) Slovenia
3) Chile
4) Bolivia
5) Taiwan

24. India won the Kabaddi gold in the Asian Indoor Games held in Macau in November 2007 defeating

1) Iran
2) Bangladesh
3) Sri Lanka
4) Pakistan
5) None of these

25. Who among the following was the chief guest at the Republic Day Celebrations in January 2008 at New Delhi?

1) Saudi King Abdullah
2) Johan Howard
3) Nicholas Sarkozy
4) Vladimir putin
5) None of these

26. Which of the following film was adjudged the best film at the 18th Stockholm International Film Festival in November 2007?

1) 4 months 3 Weeks and 2 Days
2) Expired
3) Taxi Driver
4) American Gigolo
5) None of these

27. Who among the following is the author of the book titled "The Age of Turbulence: Adventure in a New World"?

1) Vaclav Havel
2) Ismat Chugtai
3) Phillips Talbot
4) Allan Greenspan
5) None of these

28. Consider the following statements about the 'World Energy Outlook 2007' released recently?

A. consumption of coal in India as a generator of energy will nearly triple by 2030.
B. Before 2050, India will overtake Japan as the world's third largest net importer of oil, after the US and China.
C. By 2015, India will become the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide.

Which of the above statements is/are correct?

1) Only A and C
2) Only B and C
3) Only A and B
4) Only C
5) All A, B and C

29. India occupies the 128th place in the Human Development Index rankings which was released in November 2007 in New Delhi. What the position of India in the HDI rankings in 2006?

1) 128th
2) 134th
3) 124th
4) 136th
5) 126th

30. Roger Federer of Switzerland was named the ITF World Champion for 2007 recently, becoming only the second player to win the honour for four straight years. The first player to accomplish this feat was

1) Pete Sampras
2) Ivan Lendl
3) Mats Wilander
4) Boris Becker
5) None of these

31. The 4400 year old Chinese city, the capital of China's oldest Liangzhu culture, was dug up by archaeologists recently. It is located in the province of

1) Xiang
2) Shadong
3) Sichuan
4) Zhejiang
5) None of these

32. Which of the following car companies in India announced a special savings scheme 'Happy Customer Offer' recently?

1) Hindustan Motors
2) Maruti Suzuki
3) Skoda
4) Ford
5) None of these

33. KV Kamath was named 'Businessman of the Year 2007' by Forbes Asia recently. He is associated with which of the following business establishments?

1) Satyam Computers
2) ICICI Bank
3) HDFC Bank
4) Maruti Suzuki
5) None of these

34. The five days excercise condenamed 'Hand-in-Hand 2007' the first ever Sino-India joint military exercise held recently at

1) Jaisalmer
2) Kunming
3) Leipiz
4) Hubiz
5) None of these

35. In which of the following countries people voted in first ever democratic elections recently?

1) Congo
2) Slovenia
3) Bhutan
4) Nepal
5) None of these

36. Services beat Punjab at the 58th National Basketball championship in Puducherry recently to lift the Todd Memorial Trophy for the ...... time

1) 28th
2) 30th
3) 29th
4) 26th
5) 27th

37. The scientists of which of the following universities have identified silenced genes which play a profound role in people's health?

1) Manchester University
2) Leichestor University
3) Duke University
4) Houston University
5) None of these

38. Recently a comprehensive scheme for the prevention of trafficking and rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of the victims of the commercial sex exploitation was drafted by the Union Women and Child Development Ministry. The scheme has been named

1) Swapna
2) Laadli
3) Kanchan
4) Ujjawala
5) None of these

39. The Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) was in news recently. In which of the following countries it is active?

1) Malaysia
2) Nepal
3) Sudan
4) Fiji
5) None of these

40. Which of the following Indian Oil exploration companies became the only Indian company to enter the list of world's most admired firms compiled by the Fortune magazine and global consultancy firm Hay Group?

1) Oil India Limited
2) Indian Oil Corporation
3) Hindustan Petroleum
4) Oil and Natural Gas Corporation
5) Bharat Petroleum




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