(Paper) SBI ASSOCIATE BANKS CLERK RECRUITMENT EXAM Paper - 2015 "Held On 25-01-2015"


1. A ‘Byte’ is…………

A. Found in the upper left corner of a window screen
B. the part that moves on the desk drive
C. a group of 8 bits of code
D. Found in the upper left corner of window screen
E. the capacity of sound card

2. What is the personal computer operating system that organizes and uses a graphic desktop environment?

B. Windows
E. Functions

3. Pricing based on area is called as……….

A. Geographic Pricing
B. Area Pricing
C. Skimming Pricing
D. Domestic Pricing
E. Cost plus Pricing

4. If a company is focusing on developing the right combinations of price, promotion, distribution and product, the company is developing a………..

A. Marketing policy
B. Marketing mix
C. Marketing discount
D. Marketing research experiment
E. Marketing niche

5. When you click on SAVE on the monitor, and there is no Flash drive or Floppy disk/ diskette in a drive, the document or application you are using is stored……….

A. on a Tape
B. in ROM Memory
C. on the CD-ROM Drive
D. on the RAM chips
E. on the Hard drive

6. Storage device that can be plugged directly into a computers USB port is…………..

C. Floppy
D. Flash drive
E. Plug-in

7. The idea behind Market segmentation is…………..

A. self-single product only
B. appeal to the total market
C. spend more money on advertising
D. spend less .money
E. group various customers into segments ‘ that have common needs or will respond similarly to marketing efforts

8. Temporary memory is called as………………


9. The printer produces output on paper, often called ………….copy.

A. soft
B. hard
C. readable
D. virtual
E. real

10. To perform a computing task, software uses hardware for four basics functions……………

A. input, .processing, storage and output
B. input, processing, storage and analysis
C. input, storage, alteration and output
D. input, storage, retrieval and display
E. output, input, analysis and viewing

11. Grading means………… products into different classes.

A. different
B. planning
C. marketing
D. mixing
E. separating

12. To boot a computer means to………..

A. keep it working
B. turns on the sounds
C. add extra drives
D. throw it out it’s outdated
E. turn it on

13. A(an) ………….is a set of rules and standards that any two entities used for communication

A. interaction
B. parameter
C. language
D. interface
E. protocol

14. Product………. is a method used by Microsoft to prevent unlicensed used of its software so that you must purchase a windows for each license installations of windows.

A. installation
B. scheduling
C. activation
D. entitlement
E. enablement

15. Modern marketing is……………………

A, product oriented
B. promotion oriented
C. price oriented
D. consumer oriented
E. profit oriented

16. Windows XP would be an example of………………component of an information system.

A. people
B. procedure
C. data
D. ‘hardware
E. software

17. A person asking friends to recommend a family doctor is employing………………… group.

A. social
B. reference
C. team
D. hierarchical
E. situational

18. What is the message on the screen that requests the operator to enter information or a command?

A. byte
B. character
C. input device
D. window
E. prompt

19. Which of these is not an example of an input device?

A. keyboard
B. joystick
C. hard drive
D. mouse
E. scanner

20. Selling the same product at different prices is known as………………

A. dual pricing
B. monopoly pricing
C. geographical pricing
D. multi pricing
E. price lining

21. Windows is

A. a kind of operating system
B. a word processing system
C. a monitor display system
D. a video game
E. a graphics display device

22. When IPOD came in the Market, demand for walkman downs. This is an example of

A, full demand
B. negative demand
C. declining demand
D. latent demand
E. overfull demand

23. Gucci emphasize the ‘haute couture’ segment of the marketing strategy appears to be the

A. multi segment approach
B. narrow-focus approach
C. total-market approach
D. expensive approach
E. concentrated marketing

24. Pictures on the display screen (monitor) are made up of

A. bits
B. layers of colours
C. video ‘packets’
D. pixels
E. video ‘outputs’

25. HP market computers and other products that appeal to people with variety of

A. marketing concept approach
B. concentration approach
C. total-market approach
D. total-segment approach
E. multi-segment approach

26. What word means to copy or move files from another computer system to a local computer system over a network?

A. function
B. format
C. default
D. approach
E. command

27. When price is set high to reflect the exclusiveness of the product, it is an example of……………..

A.skimming pricing
B.premium pricing
C.bundle pricing
D.product line pricing
E.penetrating pricing

28. When a brand is placed on a product that a large manufacturer has created for a smaller retailer, it is called ………….

A. manufacturer’s brand
B. licensed brand
C. co-brand
D. private brand
E. other than those given as options

29. Price of a product may affect its…………

A. advertisement
B. promotion
C. packing
D. demand
E. marketing

30. Which of the following price strategy involves selling two or more services bundled together?

A. relationship pricing
B. price bundling
C. flat rate pricing
D. benefit driven pricing
E. satisfaction based pricing

31. Primary focus of sales promotion advertising is to positively impact on ………………

A. after sales service
B. production
C. purchases
D. sales
E. price

32. What is the amount required to buy 200 units of a scheme having an entry load of 1.0% and NAV of Rs.30 is

A. Rs.6600
B. other than those given
C. Rs. 6000
D. Rs.6060
E. Rs.5940

33. A person who designs, writes and tests computer programs is known as………………

A. network administrator
B. computer technician
C. computer programmer
D. graphics designer
E. data encoder

34. Which of these is not one of the three main functions of a microprocessor?

A. decode
B. execute
C. fetch
D. store
E. Both fetch and execute

35. The term …………… refers to the set of instruction that directs the hardware to accomplish.

A. middleware
B. software
C. hardware
D. programmeware
E. stack

36. The lock in period for ELSS Scheme is

A. 5 years
B. 6 months
C. 2 years
D. 3 years
E. 1 year

37. What is URL?

A. A communication method between computers and printers
B. The address of a page on the world wide web
C. An E-mail address
D. The title of the web-site’
E. A communication method between computers and users

38. When a company launches a new product………… stage of product life cycle could be the most expensive for the company’?

A. growth
B. introduction
C. decline
D. maturity
E. development

39. Traditionally physical space for exchange of goods by buyers and sellers were called……………

A. marketing
B. market
C. company
D. market information
E. market research

40. A device designed to read information encoded into a small plastic card is

A. Card puncher”
B. ID puncher
C. Tape puncher
D. Badge reader
E. Magnetic tape

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