(Study Materials) Mental Ability/Reasoning (Verbal) : Input Output - MCQ

(Study Materials) Mental Ability/Reasoning (Verbal) : Input Output - MCQ

Directions (Q. 1-5): A word arrangement machine, when given an input line of words, rearranges them following a particular rule in each step. The following is the illustration of the Input and the steps of arrangement:

Input: man’s mood varies with time and environment

Step I: varies with man’s mood environment and time

Step II: and time environment mood man’s varies with

Step III: environment time and varies with mood man’s

Step-IV: and varies environment time man’s mood with

And so on for subsequent steps. You have to find out the logic and answer the questions given below.

1. If Step V reads “bees are king juice from colourful flowers”, what would Step III read?

(1) sucking are bees colourful flowers juice from

(2) colourful juice from bees sucking flowers are

(3) colourful flowers from Juice sucking bees are

(4) from juice colourful flowers are bees sucking

(5) None of these

2. If Step III reads “old streets of Calcutta attract me lots”, what would be the arrangement for Step VII?

(1) me of old attract lots streets Calcutta

(2) lots attract me of Calcutta streets old

(3) streets old Calcutta of me lots attract

(4) Calcutta of streets old attract lots me

(5) None of these

3. If Step IV reads “everyone were aware about their intimate friendship”, what will be the middle three words of Step II?

(1) their intimate aware

(2) aware intimate their

(3) everyone were friendship

(4) aware were intimate

(5) None of these

4. If the given input is “he has learnt a lot from Krishna”, what will be Step VI?

(1) he a has from learnt lot Krishna

(2) has from he a Krishna lot learnt

(3) lot learnt Krishna a he has from

(4) Krishna a lot learnt from has he

(5) None of these

5. Input: he is member of the dancing club. For the above input, which step will be the following arrangement? Arrangement: is of he the club dancing member.

(1) Step IV

(2) Step V

(3) Step VI

(4) Step III

(5) None of these

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