(Download) SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam Sample Paper - 2008 (General English)


Paper: SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam - 2008 (General English)

Directions (Question 1 to 10) Read the list of words given below and choose from the options the word that is the nearest in meaning to the given word.

1. Exiguous
(a) tall
(b) large
(c) wide
(d) scanty
(e) broad

2. Recreancy
(a) recreation
(b) recuperation
(c) bravery
(d) cowardice
(e) obstinate

3. Proscribe
(a) to nominate
(b) to be supportive of
(c) to give early warning signals
(d) outlaw
(e) none of these

4. Ingest
(a) enrage
(b) invigorate
(c) to absorb
(d) burn up completely
(e) to stir up

5. Monticule
(a) a small river
(b) a small hut
(c) a lane
(d) a small hill
(e) a small plane

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