(Download) SBI Clerk Recruitment Exam Sample Paper - General Knowledge


Sample Paper: SBI Clerk Exam (General Knowledge)

Objective 10 questions

1. The Sir C.V .Raman award for 2008 has been awarded to

(a) M.Natarajan
(b) Sanjeev Ramchandra Inamdar
(c) Prof. G.Venkatraman
(d) Dr. Naresh Trehan

2. The 2007 FIFA Woman player of the year is

(a) Birgit Prinz
(b) Christiane
(c) Marta
(d) Sania Mirza

3. The Mascot of the 2008 Olympic Games is-

(a) Fuwa
(b) Izz
(c) Cobi

4. Which among the following States would observe 2008 as the Year of Education?

(a) Uttar Pradesh
(b) Haryana
(c) Bihar
(d) Karnataka

5. Who has written Superstar India : From Incredible to unstopable ?

(a) Shobha De
(b) Kiran Desai
(c) Arundhati Roy
(d) Khushwant Singh