IBPS EXAM Model Questions : Computer Set-16

Model Questions for IBPS CLERK, SO, RRB Exam : Computer SET-16

Q1. The toolbar in which you can type a web address is called _____ Bar.

(1) Address
(2) Format
(3) Status
(4) Navigation
(5) None

Q2. What is stop-level domain name of the following URL?


(1) http
(2) www
(3) yahoo
(4) .com
(5) .asp

Q3. ____are web addresses that users have asked the web browser to remember for convenient access in the future.

(1) Favorites
(2) URL
(3) Hyperlink
(4) Domain Name
(5) None of theses

Q4. Which of the following is a characteristic of data warehouse?

(1) It can be updated by the end users.
(2) It contains numerous naming conventions and formats.
(3) It is organised around important subject areas.
(4) It contains only current data.
(5) None of these

Q5. Assembly language is–

(1) Low-level programming language
(2) High level programming language
(3) Machine language
(4) All of the above
(5) None of these

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1. (1) 2. (3) 3. (1) 4. (3) 5. (1)