IBPS EXAM Model Questions : Reasoning Set-18

Model Questions for IBPS CLERK, SO, RRB Exam : Reasoning SET-18

Directions (Q. 1-5): Below are given three statements followed by four conclusions. You have to take the given statements to be true even if they appear to be at variance with commonly known facts, and then decide which of the conclusions logically follow(s) from the given statements. For each question, mark out an appropriate answer choice that you think is correct.

Q1. Statements:

(1) Some charts are darts.
(2) All darts are carts.
(3) Some carts are smarts.


I. Some charts are carts.
II. Some carts are darts.
III. Some darts are smarts.
IV. Some smarts are charts.

(1) Only I and III follow
(2) Only U and III follow
(3) I and II follow
(4) 1, III and IV follow
(5) None of these

Q2. Statements :

(1) All boxes are tables.
(2) No desks are tables.
(3) Some desks are curtains.

Conclusions :

I. No boxes are desks.
II. Some boxes are desks.
III. Some curtains are not boxes
IV. Some curtains are boxes.

(1) 111 and either I or II follow
(2) I and either III or IV follow
(3) Either I or II, and either III or IV follow
(4) I and III follow
(5) None of these

Q3. Statements :

(1) Some drops are cups.
(2) All cups are docks.
(3) No dock is a flop.

Conclusions :

I. Some drops are not flops.
II. Some docks are drops.
III. No cup is a flop.
IV. Some flops are not cups.

(1) I, II and III follow
(2) II, III and IV follow
(3) I, II and IV follow
(4) I, III and IV follow
(5) All follow

Q4. Statements :

(1) Some big are small.
(2) No small is large.
(3) Some large are tiny.

Conclusions :

I. Some large are not big.
II. No big is large.
III. Some small are not tiny.
IV. Some big are not tiny.

(1) Only I follows
(2) Only II follows
(3) Only III follows
(4) Only IV follows
(5) None follows

Q5. Statements :

(1) No student is decent.
(2) Some decent are bags.
(3) All bags are roses.

Conclusions :

I. Some bags are not students.
II. All bags are students.
III. Some decent are roses.
IV. All roses are decent.

(1) Only I follows
(2) Either I or II follows
(3) Only III follows
(4) Either I or II and III follow
(5) I and III follow

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1. (3) 2. (4) 3. (5) 4. (5) 5. (5)