IBPS CLERK Model Questions : REASONING Set-6

Model Questions for IBPS CLERK PRELIM Exam : REASONING Set-6

Q1. Four of the following five pair are similar in same way. One of them is different from the others. Find out the odd pair.

(1) 2620,2924
(2) 5020,5564
(3) 6232,6368
(4) 1184,1210
(5) 3262,6386

Q2. If the letters in the word HAEMOPHILIA are arranged in the alphabetical order and each letter is assigned numerical value equal to its serial number from the left in this rearranged order, what is the difference in the total of numerical values of vowels and that of consonants?

(1) 8
(2) 9
(3) 10
(4) 7
(5) None of these

Q3. One afternoon, Manisha and Madhuri were talking to each other face to face in Bhopal on MG Road. If Manisha's shadow was exactly to the left of Madhuri, which direction was Manisha facing

(1) North
(2) South
(3) East
(4) Data inadequate
(5) None of these

Q4. If the first day of the year (other than the leap year) was Friday, then which was the last day of that year ?

(1) Monday
(2) Friday
(3) Saturday
(4) Sunday
(5) None of these

Q5. Pointing to a photograph Monica said, "He is the brother of the son of my grand- father's only daughter. "How is the man related to Monica?

(1) brother
(2) cousin
(3) nephew
(4) Can't say
(5) None of these


1. (5) 2. (1) 3. (1) 4. (2) 5. (4)

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