(Papers) IBPS Clerk Previous Year Exam Paper "Held on 04-12-2011, 2nd Sitting - General Awareness" (Eastern Zone)

(Papers) IBPS Clerk Previous Year Exam Paper "Held on 04-12-2011, 2nd Sitting - General Awareness" (Eastern Zone)

151. Which of the following Awards is given for excellence in the field of Literature?

(1) Dada Saheb Phalke Award
(2) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(3) Padma Bhushan
(4) Nirja Bhanot Award
(5) Pulitzer Prize

152. Ms. Hina Rabbani Khar of Pakistan and Mr. Yang Jiechi of China held a meeting recently in Beijing. Both of them are holding which of the following positions in their respective countries?

(1) Prime Ministers
(2) Commerce Ministers
(3) Foreign Secretaries
(4) Foreign Ministers
(5) None of these

153. International Cricket Matches are NOT played in-

(1) Mohali Stadium
(2) Wankhede Stadium
(3) Eden Gardens
(4) Green Park Stadium
(5) Mughal Garden

154. Which term is used in Physics?

(1) Credit
(2) Absolute Zero
(3) Rabies (4) Thyroxin
(5) Liquidity

155. Which of the following terms is used in the game of Chess?

(1) Checkmate
(2) Hoops
(3) Stroke
(4) Heave
(5) Deuce




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156. Bank branches which can undertake foreign exchange business directly are known as_______ in foreign exchange.

(1) Authorized dealers
(2) Foreign dealers
(3) Overseas branches
(4) Approved dealers
(5) Exchange branches

157. Which of the following is the name of a Scientific Instrument?

(1) Plasma
(2) Pascal
(3) Radiation
(4) Lactometer
(5) Adrenal Cortex

158. India recently conducted joint naval exercise SLINEX II with which of the following countries?

(1) Sri Lanka
(2) China
(3) Japan
(4) Bangladesh
(5) Russia

159. Insurance cover for bank deposits in our country is’ provided by-

(1) SBI
(2) Government of India
(3) GIC
(4) LIC

160. The Financial Literacy does not include which of the Following ?

(1) How to invest the funds
(2) How to use the limited funds carefully
(3) How to minimize the risks
(4) How to reinvest the money earned
(5) None of these

161. Which of the following countries is NOT a permanent member of the UN Security Council ?

(1) China
(2) India
(3) Russia
(4) France
(5) U. S. A

162. Many times we read a term DoT in various newspapers in connection of 2G Spectrum. What is its full form?

(1) Department of Transport
(2) Department of Training
(3) Directorate of Technology
(4) Director of Tele services
(5) Department of Telecom

163. As per the reports by the U.S. Agencies, which of the following countries was the largest purchaser of weapons in 2010?

(1) China
(2) India
(3) Pakistan
(4) Sri Lanka
(5) Iran

164. Who among the following players got Honorary Rank of Lt. Colonel in the Territorial Army of India?

(1) Rahul Dravid
(2) Sachin Tendulkar
(3) Abhinav Bindra
(4) Leander Paes
(5) Gagan Narang

165. Which of the following Social Welfare Schemes is launched by the Government of India?

(1) Mid-day Meal scheme
(2) Jeevan Asha
(3) Jeevan Bharti
(4) Look East Policy
(5) Bharat Nirman

166. ‘Dinar’ is the currency of which of the following countries?

(1) Pakistan
(2) Iran
(3) Ghana
(4) South Sudan
(5) Libya

167. Who among the following also presides the sessions of the Rajya Sabha as its Chairman / person?

(1) President
(2) Vice President
(3) Prime Minister
(4) Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha
(5) Minister of Home Affairs

168. Loans of very small amounts given to low income groups is called -

(1) Cash credit
(2) Micro credit
(3) Simple overdraft
(4) No frills loans
(5) Rural credit

169. Which of the following awards was given to Mrs. Nilima Mishra recently?

(1) Pulitzer Prize
(2) Ramon Magsaysay
(3) Nobel Peace Prize
(4) Golden Pen Award
(5) Kalinga Award

170. Which of the following is the name of the currency of a country ?

(1) Mexico
(2) Peru
(3) Syria
(4) Zambia
(5) Lira

171. Which of the following is NOT the name of a country ?

(1) Congo
(2) Ethiopia
(3) Paris
(4) Uganda
(5) East Timor

172. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa is the

(1) President of Sri Lanka
(2) Prime Minister of Sri Lanka
(3) President of Nepal
(4) Prime Minister of Nepal
(5) Foreign Minister of Fiji

173. When a banker talks about CDR. what is he talking about?

(1) Corporate Debt Restructuring
(2) Corporate Debt Rollover
(3) Company Debt Rollover
(4) Corporate Deposit Restructuring
(5) Company Deposit Restructuring

174. Expand the term ALM as used in Banking/Finance sector.

(1) Asset Liability Management
(2) Asset Liability Maturity
(3) Asset Liability Mismatch
(4) Asset Liability Manpower
(5) Asset Liability Maintenance

175. Which of the following is the overall female literacy rate in India as per recent census? Approximately -

(1) 50%
(2) 60%
(3) 65%
(4) 70%
(5) 73%

176. Cash Reserve Ratio (CRR) and Statutory Liquidity Ratio (SLR) are terms most closely related to which of the following industries/markets?

(1) Capital Market
(2) Banking industry
(3) Commodities market
(4) Money Market
(5) Mutual fund industry

177. What is the maximum period for which domestic term deposits are normally accepted by banks in our country?

(1) 3 years
(2) 5 years
(3) 7 years
(4) 10 years
(5) 12 years

178. If you wish to purchase some U.S. Dollars for your travel abroad. you should approach-

(1) The Ministry of Finance
(2) The U.S. Embassy
(3) Any Bank Branch authorised to do such activity
(4) The Reserve Bank of India only
(5) External Affairs Ministry

179. Which of the following is a mineral ?

(1) Isabgol
(2) Camphor
(3) Tobacco
(4) Nickel
(5) Jute

180. Which of the following countries is passing through a peculiar political impasse as there is no constitutional government in the country?

(1) Belgium
(2) Sudan
(3) Mongolia
(4) Iraq
(5) Greece

181. Which of the following books is written by Sunil Gavaskar?

(1) A Brief History of Time
(2) A Sense of Time
(3) Sunny Days
(4) Half A Life
(5) Great Expectations

182. What does the letter ‘L’ stands for in the term LAF commonly used in financial/economic news?

(1) Liquidity
(2) Least
(3) Liabilities
(4) Long
(5) Liquid

183. The Banking Ombudsman —

(1) is in charge of bank loans for buses
(2) fixes the rates of interest for loans
(3) resolves complaints of customers
(4) issues licences for new bank branches
(5) is the head of all nationalised banks

184. Which of the following is not classtfied as a commercial bank?

(1) Public sector bank
(2) Foreign bank
(3) Private sector bank
(4) Regional rural bank
(5) Urban cooperative bank

185. Which of the following is not the name of a Banking Organisation?

(1) HDFC
(2) IDBI
(3) YES
(4) SEBI

186. Which of the following terms is used in Sports/Games?

(1) Equator
(2) Clean-Bowled
(3) Erosion
(4) Neap Tide
(5) Rotation

187. Money laundering means —

(1) Hiding of income source mainly to avoid Income Tax
(2) Money acquired through criminal source
(3) Money acquired from undisclosed sources and deposited in foreign banks
(4) Process of conversion of money obtained illegally to appear to have Originated from legitimate sources
(5) Money acquired from drug trafficking

188. Monetary Policy as an arm of the economic policy is administered by-

(1) Government of India
(2) Reserve Bank of India
(3) State Bank of India
(4) Governments of the respective states
(5) None of these

189. ‘Thumba’ India’s Rocket Launching Centre is located in-

(1) Kerala
(2) Maharashtra
(3) Tamil Nadu
(4) Gujarat
(5) Odisha

190. Which of the following is not a primary function of a Bank?

(1) Granting Loans
(2) Collecting Cheques/Drafts of customers
(3) Facilitating import of goods
(4) Issuing Bank Drafts
(5) Selling Gold/Silver Coins

191. Mr. Tony Tan is the new President of —

(1) China
(2) Japan
(3) Singapore
(4) Hong Kong
(5) North Korea

192. Which of the following is observed as ‘World Food Day’ ?

(1) 6th November
(2) 16th November
(3) 6th October
(4) 16th October
(5) 17th January

193. Which of the following States is among the North East States of India?

(1) Jammu & Kashmir
(2) Punjab
(3) Himachal Pradesh
(4) Meghalaya
(5) Rajasthan

194. Which of the following is an agricultural product?

(1) Honey
(2) Butter
(3) Molasses
(4) Ginger
(5) Ethanol

195. Which of the following represents correct meaning of ‘REPO RATE’?

(1) Rate on which RBI sells Government Securities to Banks
(2) Rate for borrowing rupees by banks from RBI
(3) Rate offered by banks to their prime customers
(4) Rate applicable for grant of priority sector loans
(5) None of these

196. Reserves which can act as a liquidity buffer for commercial banks during crisis times are

(1) CAR
(2) CRR
(3) CAR and CRR
(4) CRR and SLR
(5) SLR

197. Savings bank accounts are opened by-

(1) Trading entities, manufacturing entities and individuals for savings purposes
(2) Traders and manufacturers for business purposes
(3) Individuals for savings purposes
(4) Limited companies and partnerships for savings purposes
(5) Cooperative banks for savings

198. Union Budget is always presented in the month of-

(1) January
(2) March
(3) April
(4) December
(5) February

199. A customer drawing a cheque on a bank has a right to -


(1) Take back the cheque from the bank after it is paid
(2) Take back the cheque from the bank after it is paid with the permission of RBI
(3) Stop payment of the cheque before it is paid
(4) Stop payment of the cheque after it is paid
(5) Stop payment of the cheque before it is issued

200. Who among the following is a well known politician and also a member of the Lok Sabha?

(1) Sri L. K.Advani
(2) Sri Ranjan Mathai
(3) Sri Mahesh Bhupathi.
(4) Ms. Saina Nehwal
(5) V. V. S. Laxman




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