(Paper) IBPS Clerk Online CWE-II Previous Year Exam Paper "Held on 15-12-2012, General Awareness"

IBPS Clerk Online CWE-II Previous Year Exam Paper - 2012

Subject: General Awareness

1. The Head of the Reserve Bank of India is officially known as

(1) President of RBI
(2) Chief Executive of RBI
(3) Managing Director (MD) or RBI
(4) Executive Director of RBI
(5) Governor of RBI

2. An engineer working in a big City in India wishes to send some money to his/her parents in a small village. How can a bank help him/her? (Both of them have accounts in the branches of the same bank.)

A. By issuing a Demand Draft.
B. By opening a letter of credit in the name of his/her parents.
C. Through E-transfer of money

(1) Only A
(2) Only B
(3) Only C
(4) Both A and B
(5) Both A and C

3. Which of the following is the Central Bank of our country?

(1) State Bank of India
(2) Central Bank or India
(3) National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development
(4) Reserve Bank of India
(5) None of these

4. People normally go to a bank for withdrawal or/and depositing their money. In addition to that banks provide many other services these days. Which of the following is/are such new services?

A. Sale of insurance policies.
B. Loans for higher studies for children.
C. Acceptance of bills for Telephone / Electric supply services on behalf of such organizations.

(1) Only A
(2) Only B
(3) Only C
(4) Both A and B
(5) All A. B and C

5. Who amongst the following is the Head of the RBI at present?

(1) Mr. K. V. Kamath
(2) Dr. Yaga Venugopal Reddy
(3) Mr. N. R. Narayanamurthy
(4) Mr. O. P. Bhatt
(5) D Subba Rao

6. India has different categories of Commercial banks. Which of the following is not one such category?

(1) Private Banks
(2) Commodity Banks
(3) Nationalised Banks
(4) Co-operative Banks
(5) Foreign Banks




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7. Government of India these days is very keen about the credit to the rural people. Which the following is the product launched by the banks to provide loan/credit to the farmers quickly?

(1) Klsan Vikas Patra
(2) Indira Vikas Patra
(3) Klsan Credit Card
(4) National Savings Scheme
(5) All of these

8. Coins of which of the following denominations are easily available in India and are used by all of us in our day-to-day shopping?
A. Rs.5 B. Rs. 2 C. Rs. 50

(1) Only A
(2) Only B
(3) Only C
(4) Both A and B
(5) All A. B and C

9. Government of India gives subsidy to which of the following products to help farmers indirectly?

(1) Tractors
(2) Power Tillers
(3) Pesticides
(4) Chemical fertilizers
(5) None of these

10. In India Union Budget is always presented in the Parliament in the month of __ .

(1) February
(2) March
(3) April
(4) December
(5) January

11. ‘Rupee’ is the currency of

(1) Nepal
(2) Indonesia
(3) Myanmar
(4) Bangladesh
(5) Libya

12. India’s Nuclear Agreement with which of the following countries is very much in news these days?

(1) Russia
(2) Germany
(3) Pakistan
(4) Iran
(5) USA

13. The two main seasons of cropping in India are known as _.

(1) Hot - Cold
(2) Winter - Spring
(3) Summer - Winter
(4) Rainy - Cold
(5) Kharif - Rabi

14. Who among the following was honoured with the US Presidential Medal of Freeborn in May2012?

(1) William Foege
(2) Toni Morrison
(3) Bob Dylan
(4) Only (1) and (2)
(5) All (1), (2) and (3)

15. Government of India is giving much emphasis on ‘Women Empowerment’ these days. What does it mean?

(1) Recruiting only women for various Government jobs
(2) Electing women only for Panchayat Raj institutions
(3) Ensure that women gel equal pay for equal work
(4) Providing opportunities to women so that they can develop themselves
(5) None of these

16. Who amongst the following is/ was not a famous cricket player?

(1) M. S. Dhoni
(2) Kapil Dev
(3) Ramesh Krishnan
(4) Sunil Gavaskar
(5) Sachin Tendulkar

17. The maximum crop area (about 75%) in India is covered by _____

(1) food crops
(2) ornamental plants
(3) cash crops
(4) vegetables
(5) jute and cotton

18. Which of the following terms is Dot related with the banking operations?

(1) Current Account
(2) Exchange rate
(3) Investment rate
(4) Domestic Saving rate
(5) Veto Power

19. Loan taken by a small farmer will be considered a loan for agricultural purpose by a bank:

A. Purchase of tractor
B. Purchase of seeds
C. Purchase of gold for marriage of the daughter

(1) Only A
(2) Only B
(3) Both A and B
(4) Only C
(5) None of these

20. Who amongst the following is an Economist of international repute?

(1) Amartya Sen
(2) Shobha De
(3) Nani Palkiwala
(4) Nun Shourie
(5) None of these

21. International Day of Non-violence is observed on the birth day of __ .

(1) Jawahar Lal Nehru
(2) Indira Gandhi
(3) Rajiv Gandhi
(4) Sonia Gandhi
(5) Mahatma Gandhi

22. Who amongst the following presented the Union Budget 2012-13 in the Parliament?

(1) Manmohan Singh
(2) P. Chidambaram
(3) Sonia Gandhi
(4) Lalu Prasad Yadav
(5) Pranab Mukherjee

23. Who amongst the following was the Captain of the India Cricket Team who won the ICC World Cup-2011?

(1) Yuvraj Singh
(2) M. S. Dhoni
(3) Rahul Dravid
(4) Sourav Ganguly
(5) None of these

24. The Reserve Bank of India in June 2012 increased the limit on foreign investment in government securities by

(1) $ 5 billion
(2) $ 10 billion
(3) $ 7 billion
(4) $ 8 billion
(5) $ 15 billion

25. The National Stock Exchange is located in

(1) New Delhi
(2) Mumbai
(3) Kolkata
(4) Chennai
(5) Bangalore

26. Which of the following countries does not play international cricket?

(1) Russia
(2) England
(3) South Africa
(4) Pakistan
(5) India

27. Which of the following commodities is a major item of the export from India to many countries?

(1) Vegetable
(2) Paddy
(3) Tea
(4) Jute
(5) All of these

28. Which of the following is an International Tennis Tournament championship?

(1) Sunfeast Open
(2) Grand Prix
(3) Grand Master Championship
(4) FIFA World Cup
(5) None of these

29. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi is the chairperson of the UPA who has a government in centre. What is the full form of UPA?

(1) Union Progressive Alliance
(2) United Participatory Association
(3) Unanimous Progressive Association
(4) Union Public Alliance
(5) United Progressive Alliance

30. Which of the following is a Private Bank functioning in India?

(1) Axis Bank
(2) Bank of Baroda
(3) Dena Bank
(4) Punjab National Bank
(5) Bank or Maharashtra

31. A person staying in a small village having population of about 50000. If he /she decides to take a loan of Rs. 25000. most probably he/she has to visit a bank in his/her village which will be certainly

A. A Rural Bank
B. A Nationalized Bank
C. Foreign Bank

(1) Only A
(2) Only B
(3) Either A or B
(4) Only C
(5) None of these

32. Which of the following is the autobiography of the film actor Dev Anand?

(1) My Story
(2) Sunny Days
(3) Romancing With Life
(4) Wings of Fire
(5) None of these

33. Which of the following ministries of the Central Government presents its own budget every year separately to the Parliament?

(1) Ministry of Social Welfare
(2) Mi nistry of Agriculture
(3) Ministry of Commerce and Industries
(4) Ministry of Railways
(5) None of these

34. Which of the following Prizes/Awards is given for excellence in the field of Sports?

(1) Pulitzer prize
(2) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(3) Arjuna Award
(4) Shram Vir Purushkar
(5) None of these

35. Santosh Trophy is associated with the game of ______ .

(1) Cricket
(2) Football
(3) Hockey
(4) Tennis
(5) Golf

36. Which of the following is a method of ‘Irrigation’ prevalent in India?

(1) Igloo
(2) Fog
(3) Drip
(4) Delta
(5) Lagoon

37. Manavjit Singh Sandhu is a well known

(1) Film Actor
(2) Journalist
(3) Social Worker
(4) Sportsman
(5) Author

38. Which of the following companies is a steel making company?

(1) Hindalco (2) Raymonds
(3) Lakme (4) Corus
(5) None of these

39. ‘LBW’ is the term associated with the game of __ .

(1) Cricket
(2) Hockey
(3) Tennis
(4) Football
(5) None of these

40. Which of the following is not a public sector company?

(1) HPCL
(2) BPCL
(3) BHEL
(4) Gillette
(5) All of these




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