(Papers) IBPS Clerk Previous Year Exam Paper "Held on 27-11-2011, 2nd Sitting - General Awareness" (South Zone)

(Papers) IBPS Clerk Previous Year Exam Paper "Held on 27-11-2011, 2nd Sitting - General Awareness" (South Zone)

151. For repayment of loan availed from Banks / NBFC we come across a term known as EMI. What does it stand for ?

(1) Equated Money Index
(2) Easy Money Installment
(3) Equated Monthly Installment
(4) Equal Monthly Installment
(5) Equal Minimum Installment

152. Dr. Manmohan Singh visited which of the following countries to hold bilateral talks on boundary dispute with it in September 2011 ?

(1) Nepal
(2) Pakistan
(3) Afghanistan
(4) China
(5) Bangladesh

153. Many a times we read in the news paper about CASA deposits of banks. CASA deposits are

(1) Demand deposits
(2) Term deposits
(3) Hybrid deposits
(4) Recurring deposits
(5) Special schemes of banks

154. India is providing economic help to which of the following Least Developed Countries by allowing access to its goods in India as Duty Free Market?

(1) Afghanistan
(2) Sudan
(3) Pakistan
(4) Greece
(5) Portugal

155. While investing in mutual funds we come across a term called NA V. What is the meaning of NAV?

(1) Net Annual Value
(2) Non Asset Value.
(3) Net Actual Value
(4) Net Asset Value
(5) Net Average Value

156. Who among the following is the leader of the Opposition in the present Lok Sabha ?

(1) Ms. Miera Kumar
(2) Mrs. Sushma Swaraj
(3) Sri L. K. Advani
(4) Sri Lalu Yadav
(5) None of these

157. Assume that Reserve Bank of India reduces the Bank Rate by 1 %, what will be its impact?

(1) Less liquidity in the market
(2) More liquidity in the market
(3) No change in the liquidity in the market
(4) Mobilisation of more deposits by commercial banks
(5) None of these

158. Which of the following States was recently in the grip of a severe earthquake and landslide?

(1) Uttarakhand
(2) Himachal Pradesh
(3) Sikkim
(4) Punjab
(5) None of these

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159. Despite good number of ATMs many people still visit the bank branches. Which of the following reason can be attributed to this issue?

(A) lt does not accept deposits.
(B) It has a limited cash disbursement capacity.
(C) Lack of human interface.

(1) Only (A)
(2) Only (8)
(3) Only (A) and (B)
(4) Only (A) and (C)
(5) All (A), (B) and (C)

160. Which of the following countries is a major producer of oil and petroleum products?

(1) Brazil
(2) Bangladesh
(3) Sri Lanka
(4) South Africa
(5) Iran

161. The market in which long term securities such as stocks are bought and sold is commonly known as—

(1) Bullion Market
(2) Commodities Exchange
(3) Forex Market
(4) Capital Market
(5) Money Market

162. US lifts curbs on ISRO was the news in various newspapers. ISRO is an organisation engaged in—

(1) Space Research
(2) research on Nuclear Reactors
(3) study of climatic changes
(4) finding ways to enhance agricultural output in desert areas
(5) field of Oceanography

163. Federal Reserve is a financial organisation of which of the following country?

(1) USA
(2) Britain
(3) Germany
(4) Greece
(5) Japan

164. Qatar and some other countries are supplying LNG to India. What does the letter ‘N’ denotes in the term LNG used here?

(1) Neutral
(2) Nitrogen
(3) Natural
(4) Naptha
(5) Nitric

165. Whose signature is found on a 50 rupee currency note in India?

(1) President of India
(2) Governor, RBI
(3) Finance Minister
(4) Prime Minister of India
(5) Secretary, Ministry of Finance

166. Wages of the workers engaged in Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act are now based on-

(1) Wholesale Price Index
(2) Prime lending rate of banks
(3) Repo Rate stipulated by the RBI
(4) Consumer Price Index
(5) Index of the Multi Commodity Exchange

167. What is the minimum prescribed age for the adult suffrage?

(1) 15 years
(2) 16 years
(3) 18 years
(4) 20 years
(5) 21 years

168. Who among the following is the President of Indonesia at present and was in news recently?

(1) Mr. Najib Tun Razak
(2) Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono
(3) Mr. Sukarno
(4) Mr. Yingluck Shinawatra
(5) None of these

169. Which ofthe following centres is the largest mobiliser of bank deposits in our country?

(1) Delhi
(2) Kolkata
(3) Chennai
(4) Ahmedabad
(5) Mumbai

170. As per recent figures Infant Mortality Rate in India has come down by few points. Which organisation / agency compiles this data?

(1) Planning Commission of India
(2) Ministry of Rural Development
(3) Ministry of Social Welfare
(4) National Advisory Council
(5) Census Commission of India

171. Which of the following institutions is involved mainly in granting Housing Loans ?

(1) RBI
(2) SBI
(3) IBA
(5) HDFC

172. Ms. Dilma Rousseff is the first woman President of—

(1) Argentina
(2) Brazil
(3) Uganda
(4) Peru
(5) New Zealand

173. Initial repayment holiday given to a borrower for repayment of loan is called as -

(1) Subvention
(2) Moratorium
(3) Reschedulement
(4) Amortization
(5) EMI

174. Which of the following terms is associated with the game of Cricket?

(1) Bully
(2) Grand Slam
(3) Smash
(4) No ball
(5) Knock-out

175. Which of the following terms is not related to banking?

(1) Repayment
(2) Loan
(3) NPA
(4) Pasting
(5) Deposit

176. ‘Bhabha Atomic Research Centre’ is loca ted in -

(1) Ahmedabad
(2) Delhi
(3) Mumbai
(4) Chennai
(5) Hyderabad

177. Almost all banks in our country have introduced - facility for granting crop loans to farmers.

(1) Term Loans
(2) Kisan Credit Cards
(3) Bank Guarantee
(4) Foreign Exchange
(5) Reverse Mortgage

178. Novak Djokovic is a famous player associated with the game of

(1) Hockey
(2) Football
(3) Chess
(4) Lawn Tennis
(5) Badminton

179. Which of the following is not considered one among the loans under Retail Banking?

(1) Car loan
(2) Housing loan
(3) Personal loan
(4) Education loan
(5) Infrastructure loan

180. The conference of Agricultural Ministers of G - 20 nations was organised in June 2011 in-

(1) Lima
(2) London
(3) Tokyo
(4) Vienna
(5) Paris

181. What is meant by financial inclusion?

(1) Making available banking’ services at an affordable cost
(2) Opening Savings Accounts in Rural areas without any deposit
(3) Opening any type of account without introduction
(4) Distributing money through rural branches
(5) Distributing wages through bank accounts

182. Which of the following books is written by R. K. Narayan ?

(1) A Tiger for Malgudi
(2) Three Mistakes of My Life
(3) A Himalayan Love Story
(4) A Bend in The River
(5) The Mother

183. Who is the super senior citizen of India as per the Budget of 2011-2012 ?

(1) A person who has attained an age of 80 years and above
(2) A person who has attained an age of 65 years
(3) A person who has attained an age of 60 years
(4) A person who has attained an age of 55 years and above
(5) None of these

184. India is purchasing C-17 Strategic Aircrafts from which of the following countries?

(1) Italy
(2) Germany
(3) USA
(4) France
(5) Russia

185. Many times we read the term ‘ECB’ in newspapers. What is the full form of ‘ECB’?

(1) Essential Commercial Banking
(2) European Credit Borrowing
(3) External Credit For Business
(4) External Commercial Borrowing
(5) None of these

186. Which of the following awards is given to Gagan Narang recently by the Government of India?
(in 2011)

(1) Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award
(2) Bharat Ratna
(3) Man of the Year
(4) Sportsman of the Year
(5) Padma Vibhushan

187. What is the minimum and maximum limit (in Rupees) prescribed for RTGS transactions?

(1) The minimum prescribed limit is Rs. 1 lac and maximum Rs. 10 lacs.
(2) The minimum prescribed limit is Rs. 25000 and maximum Rs. 1 lac
(3) The minimum prescribed limit is Rs. 2 lacs and there is no maximum limit
(4) The minimum limit is Rs. 25000 and there is no maximum limit prescribed
(5) The minimum is Rs. 10 lacs and maximum limit is Rs. 100 lacs.

188. Which of the following awards is given for excellence in the field of literature?

(1) Kalidas Samman
(2) Jnanpith Award
(3) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award
(4) Dadasaheb Phalke Award
(5) Kirti Chakra

189. The Forward Markets Commission is responsible for regulation of which type of trading in India?

(1) Commodities Futures Trading
(2) Currency Futures Trading
(3) Equity Futures Trading
(4) Derivative Futures Trading
(5) All of these

190. FIFA is an organisation associated with the field of-

(1) Science & Technology
(2) Literature (3) Social Service
(4) Sports (5) Animal Welfare

191. Anushka Sharma was honoured with the Best Actress Award by IIFA. for her acting in

(1) Band Baja Baraat
(2) Dabangg
(3) Once Upon a Time in Mumbai
(4) My Name is Khan
(5) Housefull

192. Which ofthe following is the currency of Bangladesh?

(1) Dirham
(2) Dinar
(3) Rupee
(4) Taka
(5) Real

193. The Headquarters of International Monetary Fund (IMF) is in-

(1) Manila
(2) Paris
(3) Washington DC
(4) London
(5) Jakarta

194. Which of the following is a Public Sector Undertaking?

(1) Bharat Electronics Ltd.
(2) Bharti Airtel
(3) HDFC Bank
(4) Grasim Industries
(5) HCL Technologies

195. Which of the following Cups /Trophies is associated with the game of Hockey?

(1) Wimbledon Trophy
(2) Merdeka Cup
(3) Agha Khan Cup
(4) Ranji Trophy
(5) Davis Cup

196. Which of the following schemes is NOT launched by the Government of India ?

(1) Old Age Pension Scheme
(2) Bharat Nirman
(3) Kutir Jyoti
(4) Swachhajal Yojana
(5) Jeevan Tarang

197. Which of the following is a Private Sector Bank in India?

(1) Corporation Bank
(2) Kotak Mahindra Bank
(3) IDBI Bank
(4) Syndicate Bank
(5) Oriental Bank of Commerce

198. Which of the following is NOT the name of a country?

(1) Angola
(2) Cuba
(3) Bahrain
(4) Riyal
(5) Chad

199. Which country is a permanent member of the UN Security Council?

(1) Japan
(2) Italy
(3) Germany
(4) Australia
(5) France

200. Who among the following is Minister of Foreign Affairs of India at present?

(1) Sri Kamal Nath
(2) Sri S. M. Krishna
(3) Sri P. Chidambaram
(4) Shri Sharad Pawar
(5) None of these

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