(Paper) SBI Clerk ( ASSISTNAT ) ONLINE EXAM Paper - 2015 "Held On 15-02-2015" (ENGLISH LANGUAGE)

(Paper) SBI Clerk ( ASSISTNAT ) ONLINE EXAM Paper - 2015 "Held On 15-02-2015"


Directions (1-5) Each sentence given below has a blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the word that best suits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. Ideally you should set aside funds to help you ……………………over situations such as a sudden medical emergency or unexpected expenses.

(1) come
(2) turn
(3) reach
(4) pass
(5) tide

2. Organizations should implement some practices that the army follows ………………younger staff with important conclusions.

1) experiencing
(2) nominating
(3) responsible
(4) entrusting
(5) supportive

3. from teaching young students about entrepreneurship we also provide funds to start and sustain their business for the short time.

1) While
(2) Whether
(3) Apart
(4) Further
(5) Perhaps

4. Cost of fuel is the second most crucial…………… in a person’s decision to buy a car.

(1) event
(2) advice
(3) factor
(4) opportunity
(5) aspects

5. The green revolution which was started in the 1960’s helped to reduce food scarcity and improved the health of the economy.

1) still
(2) rapidly
(3) expected
(4) growing
(5) extremely

Directions (6-10) : In these questions, sentences with four bold words are given. One from four words given in the bold may be either wrongly spelt or inappropriate in the context of the sentence.Find out the word which is wrongly spelt or inappropriate. If any, that word will be your answer. If all words given in the bold are correctly spelt and also appropriate in the context of the sentence then ‘All Correct‘ is your answer.

6. According to the management the bank is likely to perform better in the next quarter.

(1) management
(2) likely
(3) perform
(4) quarter
(5) All correct

7. It is difficult to gain access to the hospital because there is no permanent road.

(1) difficult
(2) gain
(3) access
(4) permanent
(5) All correct

8. One of the most important tasks of the morden government is to run an efficient welfare system.

(1) most
(2) tasks
(3) morden
(4) efficient
(5) All correct

9. Even experienced bankers were surprised by RDF’s decision to cut rates prior to the budget.

(1) Even
(2) experienced
(3) surprised
(4) prior
(5) All correct

10. The new generation is confident, tech-savvy and is not fearful of trying new things.

(1) generation
(2) fearful
(3) trying
(4) things
(5) All correct

Directions (11-20) : Read the following passage carefully and answer the given questions. Certain words/phrases have been given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

A group of employees was working in a software company. It was a team of thirty employees. They were young, energetic and dynamic team with keen enthuasiasm and a desire to learn and grow. The management decided to teach the employees how to find real solutions to problems. The team was called to play a game in banquet hall. The group was quite surprised that they were called to play a game. Everyone reached the venue with various thoughts on their minds. As they entered the hall, they found the hall decorated beautifully with colourful decorated papers and balloons all over the place. It was more like a children’s
party area than a corporate meeting hall. Everyone was surprised and gazed at each other. Also there was a huge box of balloons placed at the centre of the hall.The team leader asked everyone to pick a balloon from the box and blow it up.Everyone picked up the balloon and blew it up. Then the team asked them to write names on their balloons carefully so that the balloons didn’t burst. Everyone tried to write their names on their balloons, but not everyone was successful. A few balloons burst due to pressure and the people whose balloons were burst, were given another chance to pick a balloon. Those who failed to write their names even after the second chance were asked to leave the game. After the second chance, Twenty five employees qualified for the next level. All the balloons were collected and then put into a room. The team leader asked the employees to go to the room and pick the same balloons that had his/her name on it. Also he told them that no balloon should burst and warned them to be very careful. All the employees reached the room, where the balloons carrying their names were thrown here and there. They were searching for their respective balloons. While they were in a rush to find the respective balloons, they tried not to burst the balloons. Fifteen minutes passed away and no one was able to find the balloons carrying their own name. The team was told that the second level of the game-was over. Now was the time for third and final level. The employees were asked to pick any balloon in the room and give it to the person named on the balloon. Within a couple of minutes all balloons reached the hands of the respective employees and everyone reached the hall. The team leader then said. “This is called the new solution to a problem.
Everyone is frantically haunting for solutions to problem without understanding the ideal way. Many times sharing and helping others gives you real solutions to all problems”.

11. Which of the following cannot be said about the employees?

(A) Atleast one employee found the balloon when they were asked to pick up a balloon with their name on it.
(B) They participated whole heartedly in the task
(C) They all failed to follow the instructions given by the team leader in the end.

(1) Only (A)
(2) Only (A) and (B)
(3) All (A) (B) and (C)
(4) Only (B)
(5) Only (A) and (C)

12. Why was everyone surprised reaching on their corporate meeting hall ?

(1) Their team leader was dressed as a kid
(2) Their seniors were missing from the hall
(3)The hall was equipped with the latest and high technological gadgets
(4) The hall was too small to accommodate all of them
(5) other than those given as options

13. Which of the following can be said about the mangement’s idea of trying to teach their employees something ?

(A) The idea did not indeed teach anything for the people who did not finish the task
(B) The idea was ill received by all
(C) The idea was creative

(1) Only (A)
(2) Only (B) and (C)
(3) Only (C)
(4) All (A) (B) and (C)
(5) Only (A) and (B)

14. Which one of the following aspects come across very strongly in the story ?

(1) One should not worry about goals
(2) One should be honest and sincere regarding one’s work
(3) One should be helpful towards others regardless what the end results in
(4) One should look beyond personal goals to achieve success in a task
(5) One should share one’s problem with others to feel better

15. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage ?


(1) illiterate
(2) ignorant
(3) failed
(4) pushed
(5) silly

16. Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage ?


(1) threatened
(2) cautioned
(3) pressurized
(4) intermediated
(5) bullied

17. Choose the word which is most similar in meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage ?


(1) vibrant
(2) colourful
(3) explosive
(4) different
(5) noisy

18. Which of the following is true according to the story ?

(1) The task was successful only after the employees were shown the right way to go about it
(2) The only way to make a task successful is by helping others, otherwise the task fails
(3) The employees who were asked to leave the game were disinterested in it
(4)There were more than four levels in the task
(5) All the given statements are true

19. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word given in bold as used in the passage ? Frantically

(1) nervously
(2) secretively
(3) crazily
(4) calmly
(5) minutely

20. Which of the following can be the most appropriate title for the story ?

(1) Sharing and caring
(2) The game of balloons
(3) The company with a team leader
(4) A friend in need is a friend indeed
(5) The twenty five employees

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Directions (21-25) : Rearrange the given six sentences/ group of sentences (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) and (F) in a proper sequence so as to form a meaningful paragraph and then answer the given questions.

(A) Beena grew day by day and was charming and polite but as the goddess predicted she had to have a new outfit every day and for a while the king and queen were happy to let their heir way but soon realized that this had to stop. (B) They longed for the child and prayed and prayed till finally one day their prayers were heard but the goddess warned, you will soon have a little girl and though she will be a loving child, she will love new clothes too much and will be cursed if she coverts, another’s clothes. (C) They tried to get her mend her ways but in vain and one day when Beena saw a beautifull girl simply dressed in a cotton sari and noticed how people were admiring the simply dressed girl she demanded the dress. (D) The kingdom was at peace. subjects were happy and there was a bumper crop but the King and Queen were very sad. (E) As foretold, Beena turned into an onion. A plant with many layers to symbolize the many dresses she had. (F) The King and Queen were ready to accept this flow and when the Queen gave birth to a baby girl the entire kingdom rejoiced.

21. Which of the following should be the FIFTH sentence after the rearrangement ?

(1) A
(2) C
(3) D
(4) E
(5) F

22. Which of the following should be the SIXTH (last) sentence after the rearrangement ?

(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D
(5) E

23. Which of the following should be the FIRST sentence after the rearrangement ?

(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D
(5) F

24. Which of the following should be the SECOND sentence after the rearrangement?

(1) A
(2) B
(3) C
(4) D
(5) F

25. Which of the following should be the THIRD sentence after the rearrangement ?

(1) A
(2) B
(3) D
(4) E
(5) F

Directions (26-30) : Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical mistake/error in it. The error, if any, will be in one part of the sentence. The number of the part with the error is your answer. If there is no error then ‘no error’ is your answer. Ignore the errors of punctuations if any.

26. One night, freiddle the fox was (1)/prowling around (2)/ an actor’s house when he (3)1 found an open window. (4)/ No erro(5)

27. Millie was (1)/a mouse who had (2)/a cousin named Tora (3)/ living from the city. (4)/ No error (5)

28. In a jungle there lived (1)/a lion who felt ashamed (2)/of himself because (3)/he was scared on chickens. (4)/No error (5)

29. The big bad wolf gobbled (1)/ up the little lamb so fast (2)/ that a bone was stick (3)/in his throat. (4)/No error (5)

30. Hares are rather (1)/noise animals who (2)/love to bear (3)/themselves talking. (4)/No error (5)

Direction (31-40) : In the given passage there are blanks, each of which is numbered. Against each five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.Once in a town of Shimpola, there lived a rich and cunning money lender called Vidushan. He (31) money to poor people and (32) them to give their land. The troubled people went to Subhadhar who (33) to visit their town soon. One morning, a jeweller visited Vidushan with some expensive looking jewellery. When Vidushan asked for its price, the jeweller said it was worth a handful grain. He also said if you are (34), to give me a grain, give me a thousand gold coins and return the poor people’s land as well. Greedy Vidushan was very (35). He gave the jeweller a handful of grains. The jeweller (36) to take it and took him to court. A There per h re he the (38) judge, “My Lord, had asked him for a single grain that was the (37) of a full hand and he gave me a handful of eil he should pay me a thousand of gold coins and return the poor people’s land to them.” The Judge (39) and adjudged the case in his (40). The jeweller was actually Subhadhar and he had helped poor get their land back.

31. (1) lent
(2) borrowed
(3) grant
(4) presented
(5) showed

32. (1) empowered
(2) forced
(3) punished
(4) prevent
(5) destroy

33. (1) said
(2) assuring
(3) promise
(4) guarantee
(5) vouched

34. (1) not
(2) powerless
(3) unqualified
(4) unable
(5) there

35. (1) contents
(2) delightful
(3) blessed
(4) happy
(5) gladly

36. (1) accepted
(2) denies
(3) loved
(4) wanted
(5) refused

37. (1) lengthy
(2) growth
(3) extent
(4) size
(5) shapes

38. (1) conditions
(2) demands
(3) position
(4) state
(5) Will

39. (1) yes
(2) agreed
(3) supporting
(4) chose
(5) ordered

40. (1) honour
(2) side
(3) favour
(4) worth
(5) service

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