(Download) IBPS : Clerk Exam Paper Held On 11.12.2011 - English Language

(Download) IBPS : Clerk Exam Paper Held On 11.12.2011 - English Language

1-5. In each of these questions, two sentences (i) and (ii) are given. Each sentence has a blank in it. Five words (1), (2), (3), (4) and (5) are suggested. Out of these, only one first at both the places in the context of each sentence. Number of that word is the answer.


I. Boats take more time going against the ________ of the river.
II. She keeps herself abreast of ________ events.
(1) flow
(2) latest
(3) water
(4) all
(5) current


I. While trying to open the door, the ______ broke.
II. It is not difficult to ________ tricky situations.
(1) handle
(2) knob
(3) bracket
(4) overcome
(5) win


I. This course teaches you not to _______ to temptations.
II. We hope to increase our ________ of rice this year.
(1) succumb
(2) produce
(3) yield
(4) share
(5) submit


I. When you play your radio at high _______, it disturbs others.
II. We have just received a latest ______ of this encyclopedia.
(1) edition
(2) volume
(3) channel
(4) frequency
(5) pitch


I. It helps to rinse one's mouth early morning with a _______ of salt and water.
II. You can always refer to this reference material to find the _________ to these problems.
(1) mixture
(2) answers
(3) liquid
(4) fix
(5) solution

6-10. Which of the phrases (1), (2), (3) and (4) given below should replace the phrase given in bold in the following sentence to make the sentence grammatically meaningful and correct. If the sentence is correct as it is and 'No correction is required', mark (5) as the answer.

6. In terms with seating capacity, it is the third largest stadium in India.
(1) On terms with
(2) As far as
(3) In respective to terms with
(4) In terms of
(5) No correction required

7. The actor can double for the star if needed be.
(1) if need
(2) if need be
(3) while it is needed
(4) whenever needed be
(5) No correction required

8. The 1982 Asian Games brought about a major change in India.
(1) brought after
(2) bring after
(3) best resulted
(4) bring around
(5) No correction required

9. Tourism, surely has suffered given the huge social unrest in the country.
(1) giving the huge
(2) because to
(3) as the huge
(4) taken the huge
(5) No correction required

10. Combining the ongoing crisis in Europe, the data make a case for a pause in rate hike.
(1) Together
(2) Apart with
(3) Combined with
(4) Combination of
(5) No correction required


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